Chris Conrad

Chris Conrad is a Garner, NC native who has always had a passion for making people happy. He got his start in the electrical industry in 2000 when he began working with a friend’s local electrician business, gaining hands-on experience by wiring homes in the Raleigh area. Chris enjoyed his new trade, and he picked up skills quickly, but his favorite part of the day was always making people happy and providing the best customer service possible.

After years of hard work and on-the-job learning, Chris earned his NC electrician license in 2005. Shortly after, he decided to establish his own electrical business, and CMC Service Experts was born. His company grew slowly and steadily over those first few years, with his excellent customer service driving word-of-mouth referrals and repeat business. From day one, Chris worked to instill his values of responsiveness, reliability, integrity, friendliness, expertise, and strong work ethic at every level of CMC Service Experts.

When the U.S. economy began to struggle in 2008, Chris knew he would need to do something to ensure his new business would survive. He redoubled his commitment to customer service and started providing the “red carpet treatment” to his customers. Now, nearly a decade later, his crews still do all the little things for each customer to set themselves apart from other local electrical services. From placing a red carpet under their vans to keep customers’ driveways clean to bringing red carpets into customers’ homes to set their tools on and always wearing shoe covers, the CMC team goes above and beyond to show that they care. It all started with Chris’s passion, vision, and leadership.


What was once a one-man operation has since grown into a team of 55 field and office staff, but Chris’s culture of unmatched customer service remains a cornerstone of CMC Service Experts. “I still take every job personally, and everything we do reflects on us,” said Chris as he reflected on his company’s growth. “From being courteous on the road to the results we provide our customers and our ongoing service and support, we know if we focus on taking care of the customer, the rest will fall into place. We’re in the business of solving problems. If we do that, everyone will be happy, and that’s our goal at the end of the day.”

As CMC Service Experts continues to grow in the coming years, Chris is confident his well-known company culture and dedication to customer service will continue to be reflected by every member of his team. CMC Service Experts will always be a service-first company, providing the highest quality work while backing it up with unparalleled customer satisfaction.