Benefits of Using a Certified Generac Dealer

The decision to invest in a generator is a smart one, especially in coastal areas where extreme weather can have home and business owners without power for days, even weeks. A generator can be essential in a power outage, so it’s important to make sure it’s installed and serviced correctly. Not doing so can result in a much worse situation when you need back-up power the most. For your generator’s manufacturer’s warranty to remain valid, having it installed and serviced by an authorized dealer is necessary, and you want to go with a reputable company whose knowledge and performance you can count on. With more and more unexpected storms and the increasing demand put on our power supply, power loss is happening more frequently, so choosing a quality generator and installer should be the priority of your investment. As the area’s trusted and certified Generac dealer, we at CMC Service Experts have the experience and knowledge to give you and your family a reliable back-up plan with a Generac generator.

Here’s what you can expect from a Generac product and our certified service.

What You Get from Generac

It’s no secret that when the power goes out, so does everything else. It feels like your home or business completely shuts down, because it does. We’re incredibly reliant on electricity today for things we often take for granted, like heating and cooling, lighting, cooking, doing laundry, bathing, refrigerating our food, and even for powering medical equipment. Choosing a generator that’s extremely reliable for years to come is essential. Generac is the number-one name in home standby power. CMC Service Experts chose to be a certified Generac dealer because of the company’s innovative features engineered with users in mind. Some of Generac’s benefits include:

  • A generator engine that’s designed to withstand extended run times
  • Being suitable for all-weather enclosures
  • User-friendly controls
  • Fuel options
  • Convenient installation
  • Utility grade power
  • A broad, budget-friendly range of options
  • Ability to customize product to your power needs
  • Remote monitoring

What You Get from Us as A Certified Dealer

With CMC Service Experts, clients get an on-site consultation and quote before installation begins. We’ll cover with you where to place your generator, what kind you’ll need for your space, and go over what to expect. On installation day, we’ll create a concrete, composite, or gravel pad, then mount the generator and wire it to your home’s electrical system. You’ll be able to choose whether to use LP or natural gas. Before leaving, our factory-trained technicians will simulate a power outage for you and your family so you can learn exactly what to expect and what to do. We’ll answer all your questions and make sure you’re comfortable operating your Generac generator properly.

As a certified Generac dealer, we’ve seen many home and business owners’ success with their generator’s performance. We highly recommend this product and are happy to answer any questions regarding installation and service. If you’re ready to invest in this reliable back-up plan, give CMC Service Experts a call at (919) 246-4798 or contact us on our website.