Why Use CMC Service Experts as Your Generator Installer?

The extreme weather toward the end of 2016 certainly proved to many along the coast that a solid plan for these emergency situations is necessary. Many were left without power for weeks, resorting to staying in hotels or with family members just to be able to return to normal daily functions like cooking, doing laundry, and refrigerating their food. Coastal areas are particularly vulnerable to these situations, which is why we encourage home and business owners to plan ahead. This peace of mind is invaluable when the unexpected arises. Part of your emergency weather plan should be a reliable generator. A generator will keep your home or business running until power returns or you can make better arrangements. Generators are an investment you’ll rely on for years, so it’s important they’re installed correctly. An emergency isn’t when you want to find out that your back-up plan doesn’t work.

A Trusted Generator Installation Company

At CMC Service Experts, our team has been installing generators for years, and we know exactly how to get your generator up and running so you can rest easy and be prepared. Why choose CMC Service Experts to be your generator installer? We’ve got a few reasons.

We handle the entire installation from start to finish, and we can typically do it all in one day. We leave no loose ends, and we take care of everything.

We use one team, our team, so you don’t have to wait for multiple crews to complete different aspects of the project. This makes CMC both a time and cost-effective choice.

We’re a certified Generac service provider.

We’ll come to you for an on-site consultation. We’ll go over where you generator should be installed, what generator you should get, and what to expect for the generator installation.

We’ll provide a reliable quote before beginning any work.

Our team will handle the installation professionally, being mindful of your time, your home, and your questions.

We’ll make sure your generator installation was successful before leaving. One of our factory-trained technicians will simulate a power outage to show you and your family exactly what to expect and how to use your generator properly.

Peace of Mind with a Back-Up Generator

We’re happy to be the preferred generator installer of Clayton, Raleigh, and Wilmington. Are you ready to get yourself prepared with the help of a back-up generator? If you wait until you need one, it’s too late. Give yourself and your family peace of mind knowing your home or business will still be able to function when extreme weather strikes. To get started, just give CMC Service Experts a call at (919) 246-4798 or request a service online.

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