What’s Causing My Lights To Flicker?

Has one or more of your lights started flickering light at home? A flickering light in a main room can quickly lead to frustration, taking your eye away from whatever you’re trying to focus on. While the cause for a flickering light may be as benign as a bad light bulb, it can also signal something much more dangerous. Learn how to avoid danger with this guide from CMC Service Experts.

Common Causes for Light Flickers

Light flickers have two main causes: insufficient power and insufficient bulbs. While a bad bulb can be easily replaced, insufficient power can be harder to address. Common reasons your light may have insufficient power include:

  • Bad Power Distribution
  • Aged Wiring
  • Loose Circuit Connections
  • Faulty Light Switches

Bad Power Distribution

Every device along an electrical circuit pulls a certain amount of finite power from it. That means that if you have a large appliance somewhere on the circuit taking up a lot of power — like a fridge, air conditioner, or washing machine — it can result in power being drawn away from your other devices like your lights.

Aged Wiring and Loose Circuit Connections

If you live in an older home, flickering lights may be a sign that old wiring is starting to go bad. This problem can frequently lead to loose circuit connections, which are extremely dangerous. Loose circuit connections can quickly lead to electrical fires. That’s why it’s so important to locate the source of the problem when your lights start flickering.

How Do I Find the Source of the Problem?

To figure out what’s causing the flicker, try to observe what seems to trigger it. Does the flickering start up when you turn on a certain appliance? Does the breaker box make a humming noise? Or does your light flicker remain no matter what conditions are present in your home? If you can’t locate the source of the flickering, it’s important to get the help of a professional.

What Happens If I Ignore It?

While a flickering light is annoying, it also presents the possibility that your home could be in danger. The hardest problem with finding the cause of a flickering light is that it can be incredibly hard to pin down. But if left unchecked, the source of this problem could lead to more problems in your home. Leaving the problem unaddressed is extremely dangerous because of the potential it presents for fires.

Get To the Source of the Problem with CMC Service Experts

If you’re having problems figuring out what’s making your lights flicker, CMC Service Experts can help. Our expert electricians will find the cause of whatever light flickering you have in your life. We won’t stop until we find and address the cause, making sure your home is safe from electrical issues. Our electricians are friendly, fast, and precise, so you won’t have to worry about lifting a finger while we take care of whatever electrical issue you’re experiencing.

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