5 Things to Do Before You Sell Your House in Raleigh-Durham

In case you haven’t heard, the Raleigh-Durham real estate market is hot right now. Red hot. Prices for homes are soaring, and the housing market in Raleigh, NC has been ranked number 2 in the United States. It’s a great time to sell your home in Raleigh and make a tidy profit, but there are also some things you can do to make your home even more attractive. Before you list your house, ask yourself how it compares to the other homes in the neighborhood. Are you in a desirable Raleigh community like North Hills, Oakwood, or Six Forks? What makes your home stand out and will make buyers say “wow” the moment they step inside?

CMC Service Experts has five ideas to make your home more attractive and ensure that you make an impression in this competitive marketplace. Here’s what you need to do before you sell your house in Raleigh-Durham:

1. Make a Good First Impression

Potential buyers can make up their mind before they ever step foot inside your house. Even before speaking to a real estate agent, they’ve probably already driven by your home to see if they like it. This is where first impressions are important. Repainting the front of your house to have it look fresh and clean can go a long way when it comes to adding curb appeal. You should also consider painting your front door. Did you know that on average, a house with a black door sells for more? It’s true! And stay on top of lawn maintenance while keeping toys or trash out of the yard so that your house can put its best face forward.

2. Create a Blank Canvas

When a prospective buyer is touring your home, it’s important that they can picture themselves living there. The best way to give your buyer a blank slate is to paint the interior of your home with neutral colors. Neutral colors, such as taupe for your living room or light blue for the bathrooms, can not only help your home sell but they can increase the value! With an unassuming paint job, your home will look clean and spacious, leaving the buyers to imagine all of the possibilities.

3. Get the Right Lighting

Lighting and light fixtures are an affordable and highly effective way to add an extra wow factor to your house. Speak to a Raleigh electrician about adding recessed lighting to your kitchen or living room. Recessed lighting adds a modern and sophisticated look that can also make your rooms feel more spacious. There are few things can match the statement that the right lighting above a kitchen island or bar can make. You should also consider installing landscape lighting for your yard or porch. Floodlights and porch lights illuminate your yard and outside areas while adding a feeling of safety and security to your home.

4. Be Ready for Walk-Throughs

You’ve painted the inside and outside, you mowed the lawn, and you installed new lighting throughout the house. You’re finally ready to start showing. Before you do, be sure to clean your home thoroughly. Remember, first impressions are everything. The floors should be polished and spotless, the baseboards need to be clean, and the doors should be wiped down. Nothing turns off a buyer more than knowing they’ll have to clean up the moment they move in. And, as we mentioned before, much of selling your house is setting it up so buyers can picture themselves living there. Declutter your living space by removing any stacks of old magazines, personal decorations, and other knick-knacks.

5. Fix Home Improvement Headaches

Sometimes, a few home improvements can go a long way when it comes to selling your home in Raleigh. Especially with so many older homes on the market, it’s essential that you’re mindful of any dated appliances or systems that might be out of code. Does your home have a Federal Pacific Stab-Lok electrical panel? You should replace it. Are there ungrounded outlets or wiring problems? Find a licensed Raleigh electrician to inspect your electrical system and avoid any potential issues that someone could use to drive down your price.

By following these tips for selling your house in Raleigh, you’ll do more than increase your chances of a sale. You’ll also make sure that you get top dollar. From Cameron Village to Boylan Heights, our advice can help your Raleigh home stand out in the middle of a crazy Triangle real estate market. Reach out to CMC Service Experts today to get started on getting the most out of your home.