Time To Treat Yourself to a Smart Home

You carry a smart device daily, so why not live in one? Smart homes can act as your helping hand, your watchdog, and your entertainment center. With smart home installation, all of your needs can be met and pre-set. We know how busy life gets, and managing your home’s thermostat, security, and pool all add to your daily to-do list. We are here to explain how high-quality home automation systems can alleviate your stress by taking care of the little things in life, so you can spend more time living yours. So, what are you waiting for? Check out your smart home installation options.

Popular Home Automation Systems

Thermostats and HVAC systems

Programmable thermostats are electric-bill saving mavens. Pre-setting your thermostat will allow your HVAC system to run efficiently while also meeting your cooling and heating needs. Constantly changing the temperature on your thermostat causes the cooling and heating cycles to restart, increasing energy use and decreasing effectiveness. Always have your ideal climate by installing a programmable thermostat in your home.

Security systems

Safety first. Ever get a knock at the door when you’re not expecting anyone? It’s a little unnerving, right? Especially when you have to open the door to see who it is. The reality that you can’t see behind the door is troubling and can compromise you and your family’s safety. Although the inventor of the door may be rolling over in his grave at this invention, installing the Nest “Hello” Video Doorbell will allow you to see what is behind your door, so you no longer have to play “who’s” there with the stranger standing on your doorstep.


There are three main smart categories for home lighting:

1. Security Lighting

Here at CMC Service Experts, we offer exterior light fixtures and mounts that can be synced with your home’s alarm or security system. When any movement occurs within the range of our motion sensor lights they will turn on, effectively deterring potential home break-ins or home vandalism. The Ring Floodlight Camera Installation is our top of the line outdoor security system. With built-in floodlights, a siren alarm, and two-way audio, you will be able to effectively see, hear, and speak to anyone on your property, from any location.

Motion sensor lighting is also great for personal use. When taking out the trash at night, coming home from a dinner with friends, or taking your puppy out for a late-night walk, these motion sensor lights will illuminate your space so you can feel safe and see your surroundings. Motion sensor lighting is also more energy-efficient, as they are not constantly on–saving you money on your electricity bill.

2. Indoor Lighting

Indoor lighting really changes a home. With indoor recessed lighting, your space will look bigger. Our customizable recessed lighting will allow you to tailor lighting to address your needs without jeopardizing space.

3. Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting allows you to entertain in your outdoor space day or night. We offer uplighting, downlighting, spotlighting, and path lighting to fit any and all of your needs. Outdoor lighting will increase visibility at night, enhance security, and beautify your outdoor living space.

Intercoms and speaker systems

Tired of screaming that dinner is ready so your kids playing upstairs can hear you? Or screaming so your husband, who is grilling outside can hear you? Installing a speaker system is a great way to eliminate this issue. With intercom installation comes easy communication.

Home theatres, TV’s, Computers, Gaming, and Sound Systems

Have the top of the line entertainment in your home, with the top of the line wiring. From family movie nights to your kid’s favorite video game, we will set up your system for an optimal entertainment experience!

Pool and spa systems

When installing a pool or spa, you want to make sure the wiring is properly installed, as electrical shocks can be fatal. Here at CMC electric, we offer:

1. Spa panel installation and repairs

2. Pool wiring installation and repairs

3. Hot tub wiring installation and repairs

4. Fountain and water feature wiring

5. Electrical installation inspections

We will make sure your water feature functions safely and runs smoothly, so you can enjoy your outdoors worry-free!

If you want more time spent with your family, and fewer items on your to-do list, call CMC Service Experts, at (919) 246-4798, to upgrade your home to a smart home today.