Features of a Smart Home Security System

Last month, we devoted a blog to the benefits of a smart home system. This month, we thought we’d look specifically at the features of a smart home security system, and how installing one of these systems can make you feel safer and more secure on your property. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of smart home security, and for all your smart home installation needs, make sure to call our professional Raleigh electricians at CMC Service Experts.

Top Features of a Smart Home Security System:

  • Camera Doorbell: By installing a Nest “Hello” Video Doorbell with CMC Service Experts, you can conveniently see who’s at your door through your smartphone. The Doorbell app allows you to comfortably look out front of your house from anywhere via a Wi-Fi connection, so you always know right away if that unexpected ring was from a visitor, deliveryman, or someone you don’t know. On top of that, you can also talk to whoever rings your doorbell through the app. If you aren’t comfortable letting someone inside without speaking to them first, you can now do this without even opening the door. And for family, friends, and those you do know…
  • Smart Locks: Smart locks allow you to unlock your door through the same app controlling your security system. Not only does this help you let visitors into your house when you are not there, it grants easy access for the homeowner, in case you have forgotten your keys.
  • Motion Security Lighting:  CMC Service Experts provides motion and security light installation that can be hooked up right to your home’s security system. With exterior light fixtures that turn on every time they detect movement in a certain area, you will be able to feel safe even when you leave the house late at night knowing there is no one in your yard. Not only is this a great deterrent for would-be burglars and vandals, it also saves you money by preventing you from having to leave the lights on all the time. This brings us to our final feature—
  • Smart Lightbulbs: With smart lightbulbs from CMC electric, you can program your lights to come on as soon as you walk in your door, so you never have to feel unsafe in a dark house again. Smart lightbulbs can also generally be operated by a virtual assistant, like an Alexa, and you can turn them on or off from wherever you are via your smartphone. If you feel more secure by keeping the lights on when you’re away, perfect, just turn on the app and let it be done. Then again, if you want to save power by shutting your lights off every time you leave the house, smart lightbulbs allow you to do that, too.

Strengthen your home’s security by installing a smart home security system today. Just call CMC Service Experts at (919) 246-4798, or click here to contact us online.