Light Up Your Landscape

Double your living and entertaining space with landscape lighting. Your nights will never be the same with professional lighting design. Installing new outdoor lighting will not only improve your yard’s aesthetic appeal but also increase functionality. Here are some CMC Service Experts lighting benefits and tips.

Benefits of Landscape Lighting

Expand Your Living Space

Enjoy your backyard 24/7 with landscape lighting. Take advantage of your entire property by lighting your patio, outdoor ping pong table, plants, and pool. No matter the feature, adding landscape lights will increase functionality and usability, so you can always bring the party outside.

Increase Safety

Decrease the chances of theft and vandalism by installing motion-sensor lighting. Well-lit exteriors deter potential crime, as it maintains the appearance that someone is always home.

Illuminating walkways will also increase personal safety. Tripping and slipping will decrease with outdoor lighting, as night visibility will greatly improve.

Increase Resale Value

Landscape lighting increases safety, functionality, and beautifies your property. This trifecta is a home-buyers dream. The best way to show off your landscape and your home is by lighting it up! When you are selling a home, you never know when potential buyers are coming by to check out the property. It can look great for any showcase, day or night, with spotlights and uplighting.

How to Light Up Your Yard


If you are looking for drama, uplighting is for you. When lighting tall structures, trees, and architectural aspects, uplighting will highlight your feature from underneath, casting beams of light upwards. When deciding to add uplighting, we ensure all of your light sources remain hidden, so your home, plants, and trees become highlighted without taking away from your space, or your design.


Desire a natural lighting design? Illuminate plants, outdoor living spaces, and walkways with downlighting. Downlighting will diffuse light beams and create a softer lighting effect, mimicking the moon. This type of lighting is typically used to illuminate the sidings of your house, and the plants surrounding it. They are customizable, with adjustable light beams so you can achieve your dream lighting effect.


Have architectural details and landscape features that get lost in the dark? Spotlighting is the answer. With spotlighting you can highlight gazebos, pools, and garden statues. It is extremely versatile and can directly light any targeted space or detail.

Path Lighting

Great for walkways and driveways, path lighting will both illuminate and define a space. By installing multiple, small free-standing lights, you can draw a perimeter in any outdoor area, while adding charm.

Flood Lighting and Motion-Sensor Lighting

When it comes to home security, floodlighting and motion-sensor lighting is the way to go. Floodlights are bright and harsh. They literally “flood” space with light. Additionally, you can time floodlights to automatically go off periodically, which will deter break-ins and vandalism.

Motion-sensors essentially do the same thing; however, instead of pre-setting times to turn on and off, motion-sensor lights will turn on when someone passes. This is great for both home security and personal security. When taking out the trash, walking your four-legged family members, or grabbing something from your car, late at night, you will have increased visibility with motion-sensor lighting.

For your landscape lighting installation call CMC Service Experts, at (919) 246-4798. We will light up your world, your way.