The Proper Way to Install a Light Fixture

When it comes to electrical work, it’s almost always best not to go the DIY route. Trying to solve electrical issues on your own is not only very dangerous for you and everyone in your house, but can also lead to even bigger problems. However, when it comes to installing simple, basic light fixtures, you may be able to attempt this on your own—but only if you do so safely, and follow all the right steps. Ideally, individuals who attempt this will have some familiarity with lighting fixtures, or at least a cursory knowledge of their electrical systems. For everyone else, keep reading to learn the proper way to install a light fixture, and contact CMC Service Experts for all your other electrical needs.

How to Install a Light Fixture in 5 Steps

  1. Turn Off the Circuit Breaker: All power in your home flows from the circuit breaker. As long as your circuit breaker is operational, so are your electrical devices—putting you at risk when doing any electrical work. Because of this, it is essential to turn off your circuit breaker before attempting to install/replace a fixture, or doing most other electrical work, for that matter.
  2. Take Down the Existing Fixture: Obviously, you will not be able to install your new light feature while your existing one is still in place. Chances are you will need to spend a few minutes unscrewing your current fixture, so you should budget time to do this safely, not rushing to take everything down.
  3. Carefully Disconnect/Connect Wiring: This is where things can get tricky. After you have removed your old fixture, you should see the wires that are attached to it with a wire connecter. This device may involve crimps, push-in connectors, or twist-on connectors. Once you have safely disconnected these old wires, you should be able to connect the new ones, matching them by color. Wiring is one part of electrical work you do not want to get wrong, as it can cause sparks and even fires if not done carefully. For this reason, it is important to enter into all wiring work with the utmost care.
  4. Mount the New Fixture: After you have matched up the wiring, you should be good to go ahead and finish replacing your fixture. Just make sure everything is lined up properly and screwed in correctly before you finish.
  5. Screw in Any Lightbulbs & Turn the Power Back On: Once your new lighting fixture is firmly in place, you can screw in the lightbulbs (if the device requires them) and turn your circuit breaker back on. If you have followed all the correct steps, your brand new light fixture should be fully operational.

For More Lighting Needs, Call CMC Service Experts

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