Should I Install a Backup Generator or UPS?

Most homeowners and business-owners are familiar with backup generators. However, there is another backup power source you may not be familiar with, called an Uninterruptible Power Supply, or UPS.

While UPS systems are used across the country, they are not nearly as common as backup generators. They are also more compatible with certain properties than others. Keep reading to learn whether you should install a backup generator or UPS system in your residence or commercial business, and feel free to contact our skilled Raleigh electricians at CMC Service Experts for more information anytime.

Backup Generators

As mentioned above, installing a backup generator is the standard way to ensure your property has power in case of emergency. Using propane, gas, or diesel fuel to generate electricity, these devices range in size from compact, portable units to huge, industrial models that can power whole factories if necessary. Obviously, for most homeowners, the smaller ones are all you will ever need to purchase, while there are a number of mid-size options that will do the trick for the average local business.

The biggest knocks on backup generators is that they require a fuel supply to run successfully, and that there is a gap between when your power goes out and your generator kicks in. These devices can also be loud, and emit a noxious odor. And although they are easy to run, they may require periodic maintenance.

UPS Systems

The best way to think about an Uninterrupted Power Supply/Source is as a giant battery. These units charge on the current flowing through your system, building up power which can then be used to supply your electrical system in case of an emergency.

UPS systems are a great option for those who don’t want any lag time between power sources, as they start working as soon as your power goes out. For businesses, this can mean an uninterrupted workflow, because UPS units can be hooked up directly to your computer system. So if your business loses power, the servers will not shut off automatically, and your employees can save whatever they are working on before safely powering down their computers. UPS systems also come in a range of sizes, with options available to suit multiple property types.

However, because UPS systems are fairly expensive to install, and less readily available than generators, they tend to mainly be used by commercial properties, rather than residential ones. Of course, there are exceptions to this, especially if you are using a lot of computers or hi-tech electrical equipment in your home. But in general, they are less popular among homeowners than generators.

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