When to Use a Surge Protector

Although it may be the season for all things spooky, you want your home to remain remarkably unfestive for this particular holiday. Blackouts, flickering lights, and home appliances turning on and off by themselves are best kept to the horror films and haunted houses.

When these electrical spooks happen to your family, in your home, they are not only scary, but they can also harm your home and your possessions. A surge protector is the best way to prevent power emergencies such as these.

A power surge occurs when the amount of electricity coming into your home exceeds the voltage range of your electrical system and outlets. Depending on what appliances and technological accessories are plugged in at the time of a surge, detrimental property damage can occur. So, when do you need to use a surge protector? The simple answer: always.

These Devices Should Always Be Plugged Into a Surge Protector

How would you feel if all of a sudden, in one fell swoop, it was gone? Whatever prized technological device, important kitchen appliance, or expensive entertainment product that just came to the forefront of your mind should be plugged into a surge protector. Think of the products you plug into electrical outlets daily. Which of those items would you be upset about if they were to, without warning, be destroyed? Plug those in.

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Common Causes of Power Surges

Overloaded Outlets

Plugging too many devices into one outlet, or multiple outlets in one room, can lead to home electrical fires. If you have a mess of wires anywhere in your home, where you can’t discern which wire belongs to which appliance, you are overloading your outlets. If you have any gadgets or appliances that flicker or buzz when they are turned off, you are experiencing power surges. These ghost-like occurrences are dangerous and can damage your entire electrical circuit. Contact a professional electrician ASAP.

Faulty Wiring

If your home is older, or your wiring has not been updated in over 30 years, you are at risk for power surges. Old wiring cannot handle the extreme demand we place on our electrical systems, as new technologies require more energy to operate. Contact our professional electricians for new wiring in your home.

High-Energy Appliances

Your refrigerator and air conditioner are great examples of high-energy appliances. When on, they use an inordinate amount of power. When high-energy appliances shift states, from off to on, they require a ton of electricity; and, excess power will run through your entire electrical circuit, overpowering other connected devices. This causes lights to flicker and electrical sockets to catch fire throughout your home. Installing a surge protector at each high-energy appliance’s electrical source will ensure your home is safe from excess power.

Power Outage

When an entire neighborhood or city loses power, your home becomes extremely susceptible to power surges. An incredibly large amount of electricity is delivered, at once, to restore power to a community. This surge of electrical current can cause excess energy in public electric lines that connect to your home. Whole-house surge protection will prevent any electrical related emergencies from occurring at your residence.

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