How to Properly Use an Electric Turkey Fryer

Are you getting ready for Thanksgiving? At CMC Service Experts, we can’t wait for Turkey Day. If you’re like many Americans, you may be cooking the bird through in a slightly unconventional way this year—by using an electric turkey fryer.

The concept of frying Thanksgiving turkeys started to spread through U.S. households in the 1980s. Since then, frying turkeys has become more and more popular, largely because of the invention of the electric turkey fryer. However, these devices should not be operated without caution and knowledge. Keep reading to learn how to use an electric turkey fryer, courtesy of our skilled Raleigh electricians.

Steps for Using an Electric Turkey Fryer

  1. Thaw your turkey overnight and pat it dry before frying. While you might assume that because you are using a fryer, it is okay to put your bird in frozen, this can actually be a little dangerous. Once the moisture of your frozen turkey combines with the oil, it will start splattering everywhere, literally creating a hot mess. For this reason, it’s better to thaw the bird like you normally would.
  2. Fill the frying pot with water and measure how much liquid you will need to cover the Turkey. This is essential, because if you do not have enough oil, the bird won’t cook right, and if you have too much, it is likely to splash and sizzle out of the pot, getting everywhere and possibly burning you or others nearby.
  3. Look for appliances in your kitchen that you will not need. Unplug them before plugging in your electric fryer. These devices require a lot of juice, so it’s better to be on the safe side before using them, just to ensure you don’t accidentally trip your circuit breaker. Some people prefer to use their electric turkey fryer outdoors, which, as long as you can find an outlet and are doing so in a safe area, is not a bad idea. There’s a good chance you may be using a lot of appliances at once this Thanksgiving, so in general, make sure you do everything you can not to overload your electrical system.
  4. Turn the fryer on and put the bird in carefully. To reiterate, the last thing you want to do is accidentally burn yourself or someone else, so make sure to wear appropriate oven mitts and other protection, and always move slowly and deliberately when using your fryer. Remember, when it comes to frying anything, careful is better.
  5. Once the bird is done cooking, take it out (once again, carefully) and let your device cool while you begin cleaning up using the oil drain valve. While it may take your electric turkey fryer as long as five hours to cool down completely, the drain valve lets you get rid of oil in a safe and easy way.
  6. Set the oil aside to throw in the garbage. Don’t’ empty it down the kitchen sink, as this can clog your drain. Once the electric turkey fryer has cooled completely, wash the inside and outside clean with water and dish soap then rinse and dry thoroughly.
  7. Enjoy that turkey!

CMC Service Experts Gives Thanks for Our Customers!

From the CMC Service Experts family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving! Stay safe in the kitchen this holiday season, and make sure to call our expert Raleigh electricians for all your electrical service needs.

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