Preparing Your Electrical Outlets For Holiday Decor

When the holidays come around, the decorations never end. From Halloween to New Years, glowing decor and twinkly lights are strung throughout all of our neighborhoods. The holidays demand a ton of power. So, we here at CMC Service Experts want to make sure your home is ready for all of that holiday spirit.

There are many potential issues that can arise as a result of an increase in electrical outlet use. But don’t fret, we are here to explain the various causes of electrical outlet failure, so you know what to look out for.

Causes of Electrical Outlet Malfunctions


Do not plug 9 strings of lights, your speaker playing holiday tunes, and your, your cousins, and your mom’s charging phones into one outlet. It’s too much electrical current passing through one outlet, and it can actually cause an electrical fire.

If you notice that your lights are flickering, your circuit keeps tripping, your electrical outlets are making buzzing sounds, or you’re getting shocked when you touch your outlet—your outlets are overloaded.

Make sure you distribute your devices to multiple outlets rather than plugging in multiple extension cords into one outlet. If you consistently feel as though you have an outlet shortage in your home you can always install additional outlets!

Arc Faults

If you are leaving your holiday lights on overnight, you are asking a lot of your outlets. And arc faults can occur. Buzzing or hissing will manifest to let you know your outlet is arcing. This means that the wire connections behind the outlet are corroded or loose and are making intermittent contact with one another. When this happens there is a potential danger of electrical fire.

If you are hearing your outlets hum, contact CMC Service Experts for electrical outlet inspection and repair.

Ground Faults

A ground fault is a short circuit that occurs when a current makes contact with a ground. This will cause a shift in the flow of your electrical current, increasing it, which will trip your circuit breaker. However, if your circuit breaker does not switch off fast enough, your outlet will shock you.

Installing GFCI’s will prevent ground faults from hurting you. GFCI’s are made to sense shifts in power flow, and they will trigger your circuit breaker before any shock can occur.

Outdated Outlets

Older outlets were not made to handle today’s technology. Our devices simply require too much power for those outlets. If you have aged out outlets or ungrounded outlets (outlets with 2 prongs rather than 3 prongs), its time to upgrade your outlets. Replace your outlets with CMC Service Experts. We will make sure your outlets are installed up to code.

Unsecured Wires

The number one cause of home fires is faulty wiring. Behind every receptacle, you have a terminal where all of your wires are anchored. Yet, if your wiring is not properly wrapped around your terminal, they will become loose and can cause a fire. Make sure your outlets are up to code by scheduling an electrical inspection!

For all of your electrical needs this holiday season, contact CMC Service Experts at (919) 246-4798.