Your Holiday Electrical Maintenance Checklist

Hosting for the holidays? From the prep to the party, your house gets pretty chaotic. How many electronics and appliances do you rely on to pull off your soiree without a hitch? You’ll need music playing, the football game broadcasting, holiday lights twinkling, the oven working, and your phone charging—you’ll need trustworthy electricity.

Depending on so multiple devices can be nerve-racking, especially here in North Carolina, where power outages are commonplace. With stormy weather and unpredictable winds, your home needs to have a second line of defense if your power ever does shut off. And, CMC Service Experts can make sure that your second line of defense is there and ready when you need it.

With the right electrical system, preventative and habitual maintenance, and a back-up generator—your holiday gathering can be stress-free. No matter the weather, your holiday bash will be a hit. Here is your electrical maintenance checklist!

Electrical Maintenance

If you are not practicing preventative maintenance on your electrical systems, your neglect will manifest as malfunctions. When you fail to maintain your electrical unit, it doesn’t have to encounter any weather roadblocks to stop working, as minor glitches turn into breakdowns quickly. With the combination of unaddressed repairs and no maintenance, your electrical unit will need replacing.

Stay on top of your electrical system, just as you stay on top of your holiday meal prep, and you will avoid untimely electrical outages and system breakdowns.

Your Preventative Maintenance Checklist:

Check Your Electrical Panel

Common electrical panel problems include:

  • Electrical wiring errors

  • Overloading

  • Tripped circuit breakers

  • Electrical showers

  • Strange humming noises

If you are experiencing consistent tripped circuits or notice anything out of the ordinary—such as discoloration around your electrical panel—it’s time to upgrade your electrical panel.

If you still have an electrical panel with fuses, your home and family are at high risk for a home fire. Fuses melt to stop high electrical currents from entering your home, threatening electrical fires. New technologies use circuit breakers instead. This system puts safety first—a switch automatically turns off the flow of electricity when nefarious current is detected.

Upgrade your electrical panel for the holidays to ensure your home is ready to handle your power demands.

Make Sure You Have A Back-Up Generator

If you do not already have a back-up generator installed at your home, it’s time to get one. Having a generator will give you peace of mind, as they supply power to your home during an emergency power outage. Schedule generator installation today!

Install Whole-house Surge Protection

Loose and faulty wiring, overgrown trees touching power lines, and the restoration of power after an outage can all cause power surges in your home. Power surges can actually damage your electronics and appliances. All devices connected to electrical outlets during a power surge are typically fried beyond repair.

Install whole-house surge protection to ensure you’re protected from unpredictable spikes in electrical currents.

CMC Service Experts’s Home Protection Plan

With our Home Protection Plan, your electrical system will stay up to date, function with high efficiency, and will be less likely to breakdown. Here is what our maintenance plan ensures:

Priority Service

When you have an electrical emergency, you need repair services fast. We will be on-call, for whatever you need, any day, any time when you sign up for CMC Service Experts’s Home Protection Plan.

Yearly Safety Inspections

Complete electrical protection inspections keep your home safe from electrical fire hazards.

Exclusive Specials

Home Protection Plan members will get special, member-only, offers to keep their electrical systems up to date and in good standing.

Make sure your electrical system stays powerful (pun intended) with CMC Service Experts’s Home Protection Plan.

For all electrical system maintenance and installation, contact CMC Service Experts at (919) 246-4798. We are here for you during the holidays, 24/7!