Is It Safe to Use My Hot Tub in the Winter?

At CMC Service Experts, our skilled Raleigh electricians are proud to perform hot tub electrical installations to ensure the wiring of your new hot tub or spa is safe and up to code. However, there’s one hot tub safety question we get asked more than any other at this time of year: “is it safe to use my hot tub in the winter?”

The broad answer to this question is yes. If you have hired an experienced electrician like a team member from CMC Service Experts to help install your hot tub, it should be perfectly safe to use all year-round. However, while a warm dip in your outdoor hot tub can be a great way to enjoy a chilly day, there are a few safety tips you should follow based on the season. By adjusting hot tub usage slightly to accommodate the winter weather, you’ll be able to soak in your tub even when the temperature is freezing around you.

Our Top 7 Tips for Safely Using Your Hot Tub in the Winter Are:

  1. Check to See if Your Cover Is in Good Condition: While your hot tub should ideally already have a solid cover with a tight seal, this is especially important during the wintertime. While North Carolina does not experience a lot of snowy winters, this will protect your hot tub from rain, wind, and other cold weather. Moreover, a good cover will help your hot tub maintain a consistent temperature, even as the climate grows colder.
  2. Change Your Water Before the Winter: Most homeowners change the water in their hot tub several times a year. However, if your tub is scheduled to undergo a water replacement during the winter, you should consider moving it up. Changing the water during cold weather is extremely difficult, and if any of the water freezes during this process, it can damage your tub irrevocably.
  3. Make Sure You Have the Right Water Level: You’ll also want to watch the water level in your hot tub over the season, because if it gets too low the components inside the tub could freeze, resulting in even more irreversible damage.
  4. Clean the Water Regularly: This is another element of hot tub maintenance that’s important year-round, but which becomes especially important during the winter. Normal hot tub cleaning can become more difficult in cold weather, so it’s key not to forget to do this if you want to use your tub over the duration of the season.
  5. Turn Your Jets Down: Your jets blow air into your hot tub water, which can lower the water’s temperature during the colder seasons. Try to use your jets as little as possible for this reason during the wintertime, and make sure they are turned off when you get out.
  6. Stay Hydrated During Soaks: Staying hydrated is an essential part of hot tub safety no matter what, but you should plan ahead when bringing a beverage out during the winter. Consider drinking something that is warm or room temperature to help keep warm, and avoid alcohol, since it can be very dehydrating, and may numb your senses even more in the cold. You should also try not to bring out glass containers that can break easily and cause cuts, as the last thing you want to be dealing with in the freezing cold is any kind of wound.
  7. Be Smart About Getting In and Out: Moving from extreme heat to extreme cold can be extremely dangerous, so you should try to cut your hot tub time in half during the winter compared to what it would be in the warmer months. Additionally, you should make sure you have warm clothes and shoes nearby for as soon as you get out of the water, to limit your exposure to the cold. Some hot tub owners also like to install heat lamps around their tub, to make sure they start warming up as soon as they get out of the water.

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