New Year, New Home

If your new year, brings a new remodel—this is the blog for you. From your kitchen to your bathrooms, your entertainment center to your kids’ bedroom lighting, we know undergoing renovation is no small feat. However, this transformation can be a smooth one; that is if you hire the right professionals for the job.

So, how can we here at CMC Service Experts help you? Well, with our extensive experience in electrical remodeling, we can meet your renovation needs on time and on budget. Here is what we do.

Customized Lighting

Your lighting is responsible for how your home comes across. What do you want your home to feel like? What mood do you want to provoke when you, your family, and your friends walk into your space? No matter what aesthetic you are trying to achieve, we can accomplish it.

If you want statement lighting fixtures we can install them. If you want recessed lighting, we are the experts. Whether you want to achieve bright lighting throughout your space, or you would rather highlight architectural aspects of your home—we have the technical skills to complete your new construction.

Top of The Line Security Systems

Protecting your family is our number one priority. That’s why we offer the Nest Hello Doorbell. This technology is one of the most popular home security systems around, and we highly recommend them. Why?

1. You can see who is at your front door at all times! The mobile app that comes with this home security system provides 24/7 video streaming capabilities. You’ll never be surprised by who is knocking at your front door ever again!

2. You can record custom vocal responses to reply to people waiting at your door. Say goodbye to missed FedEx packages and interrupted evenings from door-to-door marketers. This multi-use doorbell will provide more than peace of mind, it will add ease to your life.

3. You can pre-program your family and friends’ faces into the system to assign special alerts to your personal devices, so you know when your kids make it home after school.

Pairing this system with our motion-sensor security lighting will ensure your family is safe. These lights will both ward off any unsuspecting individuals and provide night -time vision for those late walks with your dog or runs to your trash cans.

Appliance Installation

Re-doing your kitchen? Your refrigerator, freezer, gas stove, and oven all require professional installation. Gas appliances, when installed incorrectly, can cause home fires. Always hire a professional.

Whole-Home Wiring

Tired of seeing a mess of wires underneath your family-room television? When CMC electric installs new wiring, it will be invisible. From phone wires to ethernet wiring, we cover all of the essentials and ensure that your networks function with high speed and reliability.

Remodel the functionality of your home, the aesthetic of your space, and the safety of your family. Simply contact CMC Service Experts, at (919) 246-4798, for optimal electrical services and installations.