Gift Her A Maintenance Plan

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

There’s no better gift

Then a maintenance plan, or two.

Don’t know what to get your Valentine? There’s nothing more romantic than a gift that keeps your loved one safe, year-round. That’s why this year, you should gift your valentine a maintenance plan, or two.

Here at CMC Service Experts, we have two maintenance plans that will make your valentine say, “I do.”

Your Home Protection Plan

You may be thinking, “What’s the difference between having a maintenance plan and simply making an appointment with CMC Service Experts when you need one?” Well, with our Home Protection Plan, you get more than our top of the line service—here are the additional benefits you recieve when you become a maintenance plan holder.

1. Priority Service

When you call, you are our first priority. As a member of our Home Protection Plan, you essentially have a professional electrician on-call, ready to help in any way possible—24 hours, 7 days a week.

2. Yearly Electrical Safety Inspections

We take safety seriously, and so should you. Electrical issues cause over 50,000 house fires annually in the United States. With our yearly electrical inspections, small malfunctions will be caught and addressed before they can erupt into flames.

3. Service Satisfaction Commitment

We have a strict satisfaction policy that each and every one of our technicians follows—one hundred percent satisfaction. If you are not completely satisfied with your repair, replacement, or installation—we will work until you are happy with your electrical service.

4. Exclusive Deals

As a part of our Home Protection Plan, you will get exclusive deals on products and services!

5. Raised Home Value

Our Home Protection Plan is transferrable! That means, if you were to ever sell your home, the new owners could take over this maintenance plan! The same goes for if you move. If you are moving within our service area, you can bring your Home Protection Plan along with you as well!

6. Safety Savings

When we maintain a space, we know that it is safe. That being said, if you become a member, you will recieve 10% off of all electrical products and services! In case your home is not up to the National Fire Protection Association, this discount will make updating your electrical network more affordable!

Home Generator Maintenance Plan

If you have a Home Generator, and you all should, this maintenance plan will keep your system well-maintained so you can rely on it during emergency power outages. With a Home Generator Maintenance Plan, you will get:

1. Operational Testing

2. Battery Verification

3. Anti-Corrosion Services

4. Engine Inspection

5. Air Filter Cleaning

6. Spark-Plug Inspection

7. Oil Level Observation & Replacement

8. Fuel System Inspection

Gift your valentine a maintenance plan! Just contact CMC Service Experts, at (919) 246-4798