Update Your Home With These 6 Creative Lighting Designs

What are the brightest lighting trends for 2020 (pun intended)? We here at CMC Service Experts are about to tell you

Although some of these trends may not be radically different than 2019s interior lighting schemes, there are notable additions that make 2020 stand out as a new age for innovative residential and commercial lighting.

As lighting plays a significant role in how your space feels, how you dress up your lighting, install your fixtures, and where you place your lights can truly transform a space. It is not only integral to your design, but it is essential to the functionality of each room.

Here are the top 6 lighting trends for 2020.

Trend 1: Soft Gold

Soft Gold

Warmer tones are making their way back into interior design. It was all about cooler colors in uber-modern spaces until recently, warmer finishes, such as brass and gold, are being used to juxtapose minimalistic designs. These softer colors bring warmth to a room—making it more inviting, homier.

Implementing This Design Aesthetic

Gold materials are best for overhead lighting. This will create an optical illusion, making your ceilings appear quite tall, by drawing your eye to the fixture height before it floats up to your ceiling. Pair overhead lighting with an accent floor lamp to tie the entire room together.

Trend 2: Industrial Refined

Industrial Refind

Rustic finishes have made a comeback to achieve a modern-eclectic aesthetic that has taken the home improvement industry by a storm. What has changed about industrial lighting for 2020? The shapes and materials.

Industrial fixtures have been upgraded to embody sleeker lines and richer metals. These fixtures are statement pieces, pieces of art. If you are looking for a bold design element to install in your space, this lighting trend would achieve that goal.

Implementing This Design Aesthetic

Upgraded industrial lighting is great for your kitchen or for your dining room. It will provide a punch of fun to generally streamlined spaces, infusing that space with personality and spunk.

Trend 3: Exposed Bulbs

Exposed Bulbs

Love all things retro? This lighting style is for you. Giving off a vintage flair, exposed Edison-style light bulbs are the new crave. These are ideal for residential properties as their honey tones provide a homey essence. This trend is appearing in many forms: chandeliers, pendant lighting, floor lamps, and bedroom sconces.

Implementing This Design Aesthetic

Use exposed bulbs to test out your liking of industrial aesthetics in any room. This trend is a great way to introduce yourself to a little retro flair!

Trend 4: Recessed Lighting

Recessed Lighting

You love your statement lighting fixture; however, it just doesn’t cast enough light into your space. So, how can you add lighting without disrupting your design? Your answer—recessed lighting.

Recessed lighting is installed into your ceiling, so apart from the light it distributes into your space, they are practically invisible! If you need to brighten up a room, and don’t want to jeopardize your current design, recessed lighting is your best bet.

Additionally, recessed lighting can make a room look larger and highlight the architectural aspects of your space.

Implementing This Design Aesthetic

Recessed lighting is great for your main living spaces, as it provides abundant lighting for social gatherings and family time. The main rule here—always hire a professional electrician. Recessed lighting requires rewiring, so never try and DIY this project.

Trend 5: Black Lampshades

Black Lampshades

Glam is always in. And, this year—black is our new neutral in the glam sphere. Paired with brass or gold, a black lampshade will add a level of luxury to any room. This dramatic lighting piece will ground your lighting, or create mood lighting.

Implementing This Design Aesthetic

Black lampshades are ideal for bedrooms. They stream light downwards, so they are best placed on bedside tables for after hour reading or soft lighting.

Trend 6: Bigger Is Better

Bigger Is Better

Homeowners are falling in love with bigger lighting fixtures. Why? The “wow” factor. Large fixtures act as centerpieces of an entire room, making a profound impact on the space itself.

Implementing This Design Aesthetic

If you want a focal piece in your home, this is the way to do it. You can place large pendant lighting over your kitchen island or palatial chandeliers in your foyer to achieve the “Bigger is Better” trend.

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