3 Ways to Prepare for an Emergency Power Outage

In the crazy times we live in, everybody wants to know what to do in case of an emergency. With the global spread of the coronavirus, people in the U.S., and indeed, the world over, are preparing for quarantine periods where they will be stuck at home for weeks at a time. While many are stocking up on food and other supplies just to be safe, others are wondering what will happen if something truly scary happens—such as sudden power outages.

First and foremost, our experienced electricians want to say this right off the bat: DO NOT PANIC. Although the threat of Coronavirus COVID-19 may seem bad now, there is no reason to become hysteric about rolling blackouts or other massive disruptions to daily life. However, by the same token, there is never any harm in staying prepared. Keep reading for our top 3 ways to prepare for an emergency power outage, and make sure to hire our skilled electricians at CMC Service Experts for all the electrical services your home needs.

The Top 3 Ways to Prepare for an Emergency Power Outage Are:

  1. Stock up on backup lighting: Having canned food and other basic supplies at home is a smart way to prepare for an emergency, but a lot of people forget to purchase backup lighting options in case their power goes out. You might have some candles lying around, but this is a less efficient solution, not to mention one that’s fairly toxic for your air quality. Battery-powered flashlights work too, but may not provide sufficient lighting for your needs. Here at CMC Service Experts, our experts recommend a portable LED camping lantern. These devices are energy-efficient, extremely effective, and can run on batteries for weeks at a time.
  2. Check your carbon monoxide/smoke detectors: Speaking of batteries, checking to ensure that you have battery backups for your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors is extremely important in case of an emergency. Granted, this is important to do year-round, and neither of these devices should be without working batteries ever. However, in an emergency power outage, where you are without other important household functions, having safety components that work is even more essential.
  3. Install a backup generator: At the end of the day, the best way to ensure your home has the power it needs in case of an emergency continues to be backup generator installation. At CMC Service Experts, our skilled electricians offer many top-of-the-line models, including Generac standby generators, which can provide all the power you need when your electrical system does down during a storm or because of rolling blackouts. And with an automatic standby generator, you won’t even have to worry about flipping a switch to turn the power back on.

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