What You Get With Smart Home Installation from CMC Service Experts

With uncertainty surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic still widespread across the nation, many are continuing to spend extra time at home. At CMC Service Experts, we know this is not always easy, but we may be able to improve your situation with complete smart home installation. Upgrading your house to a smart home may seem like a big job, but with our licensed and experienced electricians, you’ll be able to start enjoying the benefits of a smart home before you know it. We offer smart home installation and wiring service for all types of properties, and can customize our work based on your individual needs. And with exclusive specials and financing options available, there’s no reason not to call and find out what you get with smart home installation from CMC Service Experts! Remember, your house is your sanctuary, and you deserve to live somewhere that brings you as much happiness as possible.

Top 3 Reasons to Upgrade to a Smart Home with CMC Service Experts

  1. Safety: By upgrading your house to a smart home, you will be able to link your security system, including motion lighting and security cameras. And with today’s advanced smart home technology, you can see/talk to who’s at your front door and control it remotely. You can even program your system to recognize family and friends with special alerts!
  2. Comfort: Smart home installation allows you greater customization over your HVAC system and thermostat. Imagine being able to adjust the temperature in your home from work, at the store, or even on vacation, all through your computer or mobile device! And today’s programmable thermostats are so smart, they will actually learn your preferences and automatically update to improve your house’s comfort level and energy-efficiency.
  3. Convenience: Ultimately, the fundamental characteristic of smart home technology is being able to control your entire house through one system. From intercoms and speaker systems, to home theater set-ups and gaming consoles, to your lighting, your heating/cooling equipment, and even your pool and spa, smart home installation gives you complete convenience under one umbrella.

To upgrade your house to a smart home today, call (919) 246-4798. You can also contact us online—and don’t forget to ask about available deals and specials!