The Difference Between Uplighting & Downlighting

If you are considering upgrading your exterior lighting, you may have heard your electrician or landscaping professional talk about uplighting and downlighting. While you would think the difference between these two options is as simple as “lights that point down versus lights that point up,” there are other subtle distinctions that are worth considering before you make your choice. Keep reading to learn more about the difference between uplighting and downlighting and which option may be right for you, courtesy of our licensed and insured electricians at CMC Service Experts.

Uplighting Vs. Downlighting: Which One Is Right for Me?

  • Uplighting: Uplighting refers to lights that are installed at the ground level of your house and pointed upwards to shine on your home. This type of lighting is usually used to emphasize specific parts of your property, such as trees, landscaping, or large architectural features, like columns. If your house is large, and you are looking for a way to shine a light on the higher parts of your home, uplighting is a great choice. This type of lighting is also great for creating shadows, adding depth to surfaces, forming boundaries outside of your property, and adding layers to your security lighting. Uplights are sometimes referred to as bullet or spot lights.
  • Downlighting: Downlighting includes any lights that are installed at a high point on or around your house and shine down to illuminate your property. Downlighting is another way to emphasize layers and textures on the exterior of your house. However, as opposed to uplighting, which usually employed to give your property a more formidable look and add a sense of security, downlighting is most often used to make your house feel warm and welcoming. Downlights are commonly installed to make landscaping, fountains, and other ground-level features look particularly lovely when it gets dark out. Downlighting is also great for outdoor gatherings, and helps create pathways for your guests and your family. One addition to downlighting that many homeowners make is an effect called “moonlighting,” which places lights in trees or other high vantage points to shine down on patios, pools, or other areas for entertaining where you may want to replicate the light of the moon.

Choosing Between Downlighting & Uplighting

A simple way to think about the main difference between uplighting and downlighting: Uplighting is better for creating a sense of contrast, adding a layer of security, and emphasizing the details of your home itself. Downlighting is better for illuminating features around your home, helping your exterior structure feel beautiful and calming, and subtly making tall, potentially more intimidating structures seem inviting.

“But what if I still can’t decide which option is right for me?”, you may be asking. The good news is you don’t have to! At CMC Service Experts, our landscape lighting pros can help you customize uplighting and downlighting options so you never have to sacrifice comfort for security—or vice versa. Call today for available specials and financing options, and remember, our expert electricians are available 24/7 for emergencies!

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