Outdoor Lighting Part Three: Deck Lighting

Earlier this month, CMC Service Experts published the second blog in what we’re calling an informal series on outdoor lighting. While we previously focused on outdoor wall lighting, today we’re essentially posting an extension of that, discussing deck lighting specifically. Keep reading for our expert electricians’ recommendations of the best deck lighting options you should know about.

Your Best Choices for Deck Lighting

If you’ve been spending time outdoors on your deck this summer, you already know it’s a great place to be during the warmer months. However, to really get the most out of your deck, you will want to install proper lighting. This will not only allow you to use the space at night, giving you more opportunities to cook, relax, or even work outside, it will also improve your deck’s safety and aesthetic appeal. As with all outdoor lighting options, deck lighting specifically can be customized to fit your home’s needs. But it’s important to know the basic options before you start figuring out what lights you want to install.

The most popular choices for deck lighting are:

  • Step Lighting: Step lights can be installed on the surface of each of your deck stairs or under each step so that the light from the upper stairs shines directly on the lower ones. The overall effect creates a downward lighting pattern that increases safety and can also enhance security lighting. However, in addition to just illuminating your stairs, deck stair lighting can help reduce light pollution, since it does not shine upwards and obscure your view of the stars. It’s also a great way to give your deck a warm inviting feel for visitors and family alike.
  • Rail Lighting: If you don’t want to put deck lights in your steps for whatever reason, you can create a similar effect by installing lights in your deck rails. These focus light forwards, so you can see the steps of your deck as you’re walking up. If you choose, you can build this type of lighting directly into your deck rails, so you don’t even notice it once you actually get on to your deck and sit down.
  • Post Lighting: Post lights can be customized around your style and color preferences, and come in materials ranging from copper to stainless steel to plastic. Like stair lighting, post lighting is usually pointed downwards, to create a footpath around the stairs or entryway to your deck at night. Unlike stair lighting, post lights will obviously be visible during the daytime, though this does not have to be a downside as long as you go with an option that fits your aesthetic tastes. They also create more light pollution, however, if you’re looking for an attractive and affordable option for your deck, post lights are still a great way to go.
  • Recessed Lighting: At CMC Service Experts, we have long been recessed lighting experts. But while a lot of people know recessed lighting can easily be installed inside your home, many are not aware that it’s also a great choice for your deck. While under-deck recessed lighting is only an option if you have a covered porch overhead, you can also install recessed lights in your deck’s overhang to illuminate specific areas or provide greater visibility for your whole yard.

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