What to Look for in Your Electrical Maintenance Checklist This Spring

Many homeowners consider spring the ideal time to work on their homes. Given how important your electrical system is, it’s wise to consider your electrical maintenance checklist now. There are numerous working parts that provide electricity to all your appliances, electronics, and devices. You should therefore ensure everything is in working order and that all electrical repair issues are properly addressed.

The key priorities for your checklist should include:

Electrical Panels

You probably don’t think about your electrical panel because it’s typically not in the living space. Receiving all the power that enters your home and distributing it to each circuit, the panel is usually found in the garage, basement, or utility room. Electrical panels contain circuit breakers that protect against overloads, which can wear out, or the panel itself may develop problems. An outdated panel with fuses should be replaced immediately.

Electrical Outlets

Issues with outlets can lead to dangerous conditions. Outdated models should be replaced with three-pronged grounded outlets or GFCI units that shut off automatically when a ground fault is detected. If an outlet is discolored or burnt, smells like it is burning, makes buzzing sounds, or is loose, have it replaced by a professional right away. An electrical technician will also perform an inspection during outlet repair and fix any underlying wiring problems.

Surge Protectors

An electrical surge can threaten your home during a spring storm. A backup generator can provide power during an outage, but there is also the risk of surges when utility power is disrupted. Surge protectors can protect various electrical elements. At CMC Service Experts, we can take things a step further with whole house surge protection, so a power surge does not burn out your devices. All parts of the system, including data inputs, are protected, whether a surge occurs due to bad wiring, tree limbs falling on power lines, or as power is restored following a blackout.

Major Appliances

Large appliances, such as wall unit air conditioners, refrigerators, washer/dryers, and ovens and stoves get a lot of use in the fall and winter. The spring is a good time to check for any issues. If you get a shock or feel current from an appliance, shut it off and call an electrician. Cleaning the exhaust hood and duct serving the oven maintains proper ventilation. All countertop appliances should be plugged into a GFCI outlet; if not, then have these outlets installed for appliances near water sources.

Smoke Detectors

Electrical maintenance is a good reminder to check your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Test batteries by pressing the test button and change them if you don’t hear anything. Your smoke detectors should be tested monthly; carbon monoxide detectors are less maintenance-intensive but should be replaced after five years of service.

Air Vents

Air conditioning vents should be checked for dirt, dust, pollen, and other contaminants and cleaned accordingly. Check and clean system filters and replace them as needed. Some filters are disposable and must be replaced over given intervals; others can be cleaned and reused. Make sure there are no obstructions blocking AC vents.

Outdoor Lighting

Electrical issues can occur around the exterior of your home too. Inspect the condition of outdoor outlets and make sure outlet covers close properly. Survey your outdoor lighting to check for any damage caused by winter weather. Other maintenance points include checking electrical tools and yard equipment and trimming tree branches that contact electrical wires.

Contact CMC Service Experts

At CMC Service Experts, our licensed technicians are experienced at providing thorough inspections and electrical maintenance. They can help if you are purchasing a new home, your electrical system hasn’t been checked in a while, or major renovations are being done. Assisting with everything from rewiring to generator installation, our electricians provide a free safety inspection with every service call. To learn more about these and other services, our lifetime warranty, and Home Protection Plan available to customers in places like Smithfield, Wake Forest, and Durham, call 919-642-1042 today.