How to Convert Your Fan into a Smart Ceiling Fan

Smart phones. Smart thermostats. Smart door locks. All these breakthrough technologies have become commonplace, but homeowners may thrilled to learn smart ceiling fans are quickly catching on. While many homeowners dream of smart home,  many may soon find their old pull chain fans outdated or unwanted..

If your home is feeling a bit antiquated, a smart fan is a fun and chic way to modernize your home. Here are some options for you to convert your ceiling fan into a smart fan ceiling.

Converting Your Ceiling Fan into a Smart Ceiling Fan

  • Retrofit Your Existing Fan: Adding smart controls can convert your existing ceiling fan and allow you to take advantage of Wi-Fi connectivity. Your old fan instantly turns into a state-of-the-art model you can control using your phone or Alexa.
  • Install a Smart Control Wall Switch: If your fan is connected to a wall switch, you can install a smart wall switch that works via Wi-Fi. It’s then possible to manage your fan with a voice assistant or your smart phone.
  • Purchase a New Smart Fan: Get rid of the pull chain altogether by replacing your ceiling fan. In addition to control from anywhere, a new fan can update your home’s style and connect to your other smart devices.

There is a smart fan speed controller you can connect to the wall switch. If your ceiling fan has lights, smart light switches are available, including those with dimmers. Also, there are specialized systems that can control the fan and any associated lights with a Wi-Fi, RF, or IR signal.

Other Smart Features to Consider

Smart ceiling fans are kicking pull chains to the curb with a range of features. Aside from various speed settings, some models include built-in humidity and temperature sensors, reversible motors, and balanced designs that prevent wobbling or rattling. Energy saving LED lighting is a common feature as well. Many models are also built to run quietly yet deliver a powerful airflow.

If you’re looking for a smart remote controller, look for multi-speed controls, timers and scheduling, app and voice compatibility, and universal fan compatibility. Some devices can even control multiple ceiling fans in addition to other devices such as light fixtures, fireplaces, and other smart home assets. Look for whether the system works with your device, such as an iPhone or Android, or the home assistant of your choice

Smart ceiling fans are far superior to old pull chain models and are rapidly becoming a part of the smart home space.

Can I Install a Smart Ceiling Fan Myself?

With a ladder and the right tools, including pliers, wire strippers, and screwdrivers, you can install a smart ceiling fan. You’ll also need a drill if mounting the fan to supports. The work can get more challenging if you need to update wiring or must attach specific types of wiring connections. Even some smart remotes require installing receivers in the fan housing, so it’s important to research the installation method before making a purchase.

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