Why Your Gazebo Needs a Fan

So you’ve just built a beautiful gazebo but it needs more, now why does your gazebo need a fan?

Gazebos aren’t only attractive; they can create a cozy living space in your backyard where you can enjoy quality time with the family and entertain guests. When you add a ceiling fan inside you can only add to the comfort and enjoyment of your gazebo. While there are numerous reasons you should add a ceiling fan to your gazebo, here are some of the top ones to consider.

Gazebos Need Better Airflow

A ceiling fan creates airflow that constantly delivers fresh air and moves air from the room to the atmosphere. This introduces cleaner air into the space that also smells fresher. The fan can even help remove outdoor odors. Another benefit to improved airflow is a cooling effect on the skin, which provides relief from summer heat despite little change in ambient temperature.

Efficient Temperature Control

The “wind chill effect” created by a ceiling fan is similar to opening a window in a moving car. This provides relief even in extreme heat, so you can stay cool in the summer. You can then reverse the direction of the fan in fall and winter. The opposite movement pushes warm air near the ceiling toward the ground, thereby providing effective temperature control.

Keep Your Gazebo Bug Free

With lights and food aplenty, a gazebo can be an all too tempting attraction to nearby insects. Installing a ceiling fan may be a good idea if there are lots of bugs flying around. Most common insects, including mosquitoes, are not good flyers. The fan can create a breeze that’s too strong for them, effectively keeping the bugs away.

Ceiling Fans with Lights

Many ceiling fan models include built-in lights, which can make your gazebo usable at night. Some fans have brighter lighting while others use softer lights. Your choice depends on the mood you want to set or whether you want to enhance the design of your gazebo. A ceiling fan light can illuminate the space on its own or complement your existing lighting. Many units feature LED lights that run cooler and use less power than traditional types.

A Smart Ceiling Fan for Your Gazebo

Modern ceiling fans are operated via remote control or your smartphone. You can adjust the fan speed and direction from wherever you are, so you can enjoy a wonderful afternoon or evening. Adjusting direction for the summer and winter lets you get more use out of your gazebo and conserve energy.

Ceiling Fan Design Options

Numerous styles and designs are available. You can choose a fan that matches your interior design scheme or give your gazebo a life of its own. There are even damp or wet-rated ceiling fans that can withstand exposure to moisture.

If you’re not looking for a permanent installation, pick a ceiling fan you can hang with a hook. But gazebo ceiling fans can be permanently secured and hard-wired as well, depending on the model. Some are rather lightweight, at under 15 pounds, yet durable thanks to a sturdy aluminum construction. There are also wall-mounted gazebo fans if a ceiling fan doesn’t fit with your outdoor space. Many can be plugged into standard wall outlets, so no complicated wiring work is necessary.

Contact CMC Service Experts for Ceiling Fan Help

If you choose to outfit your gazebo with a top-of-the-line ceiling fan, CMC Service Experts provides professional installation. As wiring schemes for fans can be complicated, you can rely on our trained experts who can wire your ceiling fan without causing electrical issues elsewhere in your home. Our Raleigh, Chappel Hill, Fayetteville, Clayton, and Durham electricians will also make sure your fan is working properly, quiet, and balanced. Call 919-726-3813 to schedule service.