7 Easy Ways to Lower Your Electric Bill

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Temperatures typically drop this time of year, which will have more homeowners flicking on their heaters to keep it nice and toasty inside. Not unlike past years, this will lead to a spike in heating costs across the United States as the Winter months drag into the new year. 

Savvy homeowners should consider adopting a few of these helpful tips and tricks for minimizing their energy consumption to cut down on their heating bills and shave a few dollars off of their electricity bill. And hey, who doesn’t want a little extra money in their pocket with the holidays approaching? 


7 Easy Ways to Lower Your Electric Bill

1. Know When to Open and Close Your Blinds

In the winter and fall, you might be surprised at how much energy your home can save by leaving curtains open during the day and closing them at night. This simple tip is a free way to keep the chill out of your home during the colder month. The sun is a powerful source of energy. If you leave your curtains open during the day, it can warm up any room in your home, and at night when it’s chilly outside, closing them will help keep the heat inside. It might not seem like much, but combined with other small changes these tips can really save you money on your electric bill. 

2. Smart Thermostat

According to EnergyStar, if homeowners install a smart thermostat or a programmable thermostat and set it to the energy-saving setting, it can “learn” what temperature settings are optimal for specific times of the day. In some cases, this may even involve using your smartphone! Savings can amount to $180 a year. 

3. Turn Down the Temperature on Your Water Heater

Fall is a great time to lower your water heater’s thermostat in order to save energy. By setting your water heater thermostat to 120 degrees Fahrenheit, you can save up to 22% on your energy bill. 

4. Reverse Your Ceiling Fans

Even though summer is over, doesn’t mean you should turn off your ceiling fans. What some people don’t know, though, is that these devices can actually help keep rooms more comfortable in colder seasons by pushing warm air away from the roof and back towards where they are needed most- down towards you! Most ceiling fans should have a switch located on the side of the main body of the fan. Simply switch that to make the fan rotate clockwise to save money and lower your electric bill. 


5. Ditch Wall A/C Units

Taking down your window air conditioning units is a great idea for the fall and winter seasons. For one thing, they block natural light from entering which means that the sun is unable to naturally warm up that specific room. In addition, these units may cause drafts and increase energy costs. If you are unable to uninstall these wall units, you may want to consider caulking around the edges to ensure no warm air escapes. 

6. Insulate Your Water Heater

To keep your house warm, wrap older water heaters in an insulating jacket to reduce the amount of heat radiating out. Additionally, make sure you install insulation around hot pipes leading from outside and underground up through your home’s plumbing system. This will help avoid loss of electricity due to conduction and heat loss. 

7. Insulate Your Attic Door

Lastly, get a furnace tune-up. Your HVAC and furnace should be receiving regular tune-ups and maintenance to ensure it is working efficiently as possible. This will assist in cutting down on energy loss due to units that aren’t properly pulling enough air through them. 


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