Do I need a Breaker Box Replacement?

Breaker Box

A lot goes into making sure our electricity systems are working properly and this is especially the case when we’re talking about circuit breaker boxes. Breaker boxes are the powerhouses of most American homes. They keep electricity flowing safely and protect against surges by cutting off the power flow when and where it is necessary so no individual appliance draws too much energy from a single source. 

Since this important piece of equipment is a vital component of any functional home, it is imperative that homeowners understand what warning signs they need to look out for should their breaker box be nearing the end of its life. Let’s take a moment to run down a quick checklist that will answer the question, “Do I need a breaker box replacement?”

Do I Need a Breaker Box Replacement?

You might be thinking that your home’s electrical panel is a permanent fixture. Even though breaker boxes have a lifespan of up to 40 years, if you have an older home or property your breaker box may have never been replaced. The age of your breaker box isn’t the only reason to replace it. There are warning signs that you should be on the lookout for that could indicate you need to replace your circuit breaker box and we’ve listed the most important ones below. 

Your Breaker Box Keep Tripping 

If you’re experiencing a surge in your electricity bill or your circuit breakers keep tripping, these could be signs that you need to replace your breaker box. You may have an aging or damaged panel that needs to be replaced with a newer model that is designed for the increased electrical demand of today’s modern homes. When one thinks about protecting their home from potential dangers such as fires caused by short circuits, it becomes clear why having up-to-date electrical panels are essential. 

While some homeowners are accustomed to simply flipping the tripped breaker switch to the on position to restore electricity to that part of the home, that is only a short-term fix. If the problem persists, it is recommended that you contact a professional electrician in your area to replace your breaker box

Your Electrical System Operates on Fuses

If you have an electrical system and breaker box that relies on fuses to operate it is high time to get a new circuit breaker installed. Safer, more modern alternatives have replaced outdated fuses. You can also stand to get penalized by your insurance company if your breaker box is outdated and relies on a fuse-based version of an electrical system. We recommend you call an electrician to replace the circuit breaker box because your safety and wallet depend on it. The average cost of a new, updated breaker box is anywhere between $1,500-$2,600 depending on the needs of your home.  

Your Circuit Breaker is Old 

If your circuit breaker hasn’t been replaced in 40 years, it is likely time to get it replaced. But why wait that long? Modern appliances and electronics put increased demand on your circuit breaker box and they need to be replaced to keep up with technology and innovations. Even if your electrical system has been updated, like a complete rewiring of your home, but your breaker box was not replaced, it’s high time to get that upgraded as well. You may want to consider contacting a local electrician near you to assess the functionality of your breaker box before moving to replace it entirely. 

Circuit Breaker Box Trips When Plugging In Appliances 

Are you or a family member blowing a fuse when you use a hairdryer or microwave oven? If your breaker trips when multiple, high-demand appliances or tools are being used, this is cause for concern. An updated and fully functional breaker box and electrical system should be able to handle your home’s demands. It may be that both your wiring and your breaker box need to be replaced.  

Rust or Corrosion 

If you do visually examine your breaker box and you notice rust or corrosion inside the box itself, it is likely that your breaker box needs to be replaced. Simply Google “breaker box repair new me” to find a reliable and reputable electrician in your area to safely remove the existing breaker box and install a new one. 

Singed or Burning Smell 

If you are regularly experiencing a burning smell or notice singe marks on some of your home’s outlets, it may be time to inspect your breaker box to ensure it is working properly. Open your breaker box and check for signs of singed fuses or wiring. If you notice that the burning smell is especially pungent when you are standing in front of your breaker box, you should contact a professional electrician to inspect your circuit breaker box. 

The Panel is Hot When You Touch It

There’s nothing worse than coming home to a hot circuit breaker panel. If you touch your circuit breaker and it is hot, that means there are serious problems that need to be addressed immediately. Additionally, if outlets or switches provide an uncomfortable amount of heat, then there is something likely wrong with either your electrical system and/or breaker box. Don’t wait until a more costly incident occurs. Reach out to a licensed electrician for help. 

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