How Security Lights Can Protect You from Holiday Crimes

Security Lights

The National Crime Victimization Survey has noted robberies and personal larcenies increase in December due to desperation to find valuable gifts.1 However, the numbers aren’t as high as during the summer months. But there are various factors that make homes more vulnerable during the holidays; criminals know homes are filled with valuable items and there are giveaways such as:

  • Visible decorations with gifts stacked under them.
  • Un-shoveled driveways after storms, meaning no one is home.
  • Empty boxes sitting outside for trash collection.

December is also the darkest time of the year; fewer daylight hours give criminals more time to act on these temptations, making security lights all that more essential.

Why Are Security Lights Effective?

Security lighting is effective at combatting holiday crimes because:

  • You Can See What’s Going On: If there’s anything suspicious going on outside your home at night, shadows, rustling bushes, and even the criminals themselves are giveaways that tell you something’s not right. You can immediately take action, such as calling the police. And if you have a remotely accessible security system, you can view alerts, video feeds, and call for help even when not home.
  • Outdoor Lights Are Weatherproof: An outdoor-rated security light can tolerate exposure to rain or snow, so there are no lapses in security. Most lights can withstand extreme cold as well. LED lights are especially durable and use less energy, so there’s no impact on your electric bill.
  • Many Newer Products Have Motion Detection: A motion-activated security light triggers automatically if an object, or intruder, is nearby. You don’t even need to pay constant attention to what’s going on outside. A potential intruder is immediately exposed and has no idea whether the system is automated or someone flipped a switch.
  • Burglar’s Hate Being Seen: Security lights help because burglars love to work under the cover of darkness. They want to grab what they need and go without being seen. Poorly lit areas are ideal for crimes to take place.
  • Diverse Options: You’ll find many kinds of products to suit your needs. There are extremely bright floodlights suited for residential use; some even integrate high-resolution cameras that trigger when the light goes on. Solar security lights charge in direct sunlight and are fully operational at night. Some even offer extended motion detection. Other lights work on timers or have photocells that allow them to turn on and off based on ambient lighting.


Security Lights Help Protect Your Smart Home

Do you use a voice-enabled or other smart system to connect your appliances, entertainment, lighting, and security systems? Perhaps you’re planning on giving a smart device as a gift to a family member? Smart features make security lighting even more versatile and protect your gifts as well. Extra illumination can not only deter criminals, but also make it safer to walk outside at night as well as light up and highlight the façade of your home.


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