7 Tips To Avoid Electrical Safety Hazards During A Storm

7 Tips To Avoid Electrical Safety Hazards During A Storm

Are you prepared for bad weather? Your electrical system may not be. Certain electrical hazards that can cause potential harm to homeowners and their families. Keep your family safe by knowing how to stay safe from electrical hazards during a storm. We have prepared the seven best tips to prepare your electrical system for a storm. 

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The Seven Best Ways to Prepare for a Storm

1. Be Informed About Local Weather

Thanks to modern technology, we can see when bad weather is coming through our phones. Keep an eye out for any warnings from your technology about upcoming lightning storms, hurricanes or other natural disasters. Staying prepared is the key to keeping you and your family safe when dangerous weather comes your way.

2. Seek Shelter and Stay Low

When a storm is coming, don’t hang around outside. Look for a safe spot inside, away from the windows. If you cannot get inside before the storm, find a place to stay low. 

Avoid the types of structures and items that lightning tends to strike. For example, stay away from tall buildings or trees. Don’t lay on the ground but crotch to avoid contact. A shelter can also be in the shape of a vehicle. Engineers have designed cars to be safe from electrical shocks. 

3. Avoid Dangerous Spots

Lightning seeks out certain areas and objects. As discussed previously, lightning and can aim for tall objects like trees and buildings. Of course, you want to stay away from these things, but there are other dangerous places you should stay away from. Standing water is a big one. Lightning travels through the water quickly and fatally. 

Also, stay away from windows as the windows can shatter and hurt you. Try to avoid metal objects outside. 

4. Prepare For Strong Winds

The good news is, through modern technology, strong winds can be reported ahead of time. You can help other residents be prepared for storms by reporting winds to your local The Weather Service. 

Strong winds can wreak havoc, including bringing the breeze and causing damage. Strong winds can also cause power lines to fall over. If this is the case, dear, clear away from power lines that have fallen as they may still be conducting energy.

5. Prepare for Floods

Flood water will not only cause water damage to homes and property, but it can also carry all kinds of debris from a storm. Standing water is also a huge conductor of electricity. If you sense that a flood could happen, unplug all of your electrical devices. 

If any of your electrical devices come in contact with the water, you will need a professional to examine them. They could be dangerous to use after exposure. It includes appliances, plugs, outlets and circuit breakers.

6. Storm-Proof your Home

For most homeowners, you can take action to prepare for storms. If your home is connected to the local power grid, you can invest in a surge protector to keep your electrical system safe from lightning. Our professional electrical contractors can offer you expert advice on what kind of surge protector to install. Our installation services are the best; when you decide to get a surge protector, you’re protecting your home. 

7. Have an Electrical Safety Plan

When you have a plan, you have a much better chance of success during bad weather. You should take steps to avoid harm when it comes to your safety from electrical hazards during a storm. Prepare a safety plan in advance for your electrical items. 

This place should be high off the ground and away from you and your family. Everyone in your family should know how to use all emergency appliances and turn the power off in an electrical emergency. Also, warn your family about bathing and showering during storms. Finally, research first aid for electrical injuries in case of an emergency.

Stay Safe from Electricity Hazards with CMC Service Experts

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Frequently Asked Questions: 

What are some electrical hazards during storms?

Storms carry electrical hazards in abundance. Lightning storms are notorious for causing electrical damage inside and outside the home. Be aware of the following electrical hazards to keep you and your family safe during a storm:

  • Lightning strikes
  • Fallen power lines
  • Fallen trees
  • Metal items
  • Standing water
  • Frayed cords and other electrical openings
  • Bathing and rising hands.
  • Wet electrical equipment
  • And more.

How can you stay safe from electrical hazards?

You can stay safe from electrical hazards by being aware, cautious and prepared. Preparing ahead of time is the number one way to stay safe from electrical hazards. You can also ensure that your electrical system is in its best shape by getting routine maintenance from an electrical contractor. 

Finally, you can invest in a surge protector to protect your home from electrical strikes. At CMC Service Experts, we offer the finest equipment to keep you and your family safe from electrical hazards during and after storms.

What should be avoided during electrical storms?

Avoid being outside during a storm at all costs! Avoid touching metal or anything connected to power during an electrical storm. Also, avoid standing in water, including puddles, flood water bathing and others. Finally, stay away from the windows and keep an elevated place. Lightning conducts very quickly through the ground, so it’s important to remain as high up as possible.


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