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CMC Service Experts offers a full range of electrical Inspections, repairs, and construction services for local home builders, homeowners, and commercial properties. We serve the entire Triangle area with experience and skill in all types of electrical construction work. 

From wiring new homes to installing complicated systems for local companies, we do it all. With us, you get all the quality and value you’d expect from a top electrical contractor with a level of service no others can match. 

To schedule an electrical inspection service in Raleigh, North Carolina, fill out our contact form or give us a call. We offer free estimates on all work.

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Electrical Inspection Services We Offer in Raleigh

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to electrical work. Every building is equipped with a unique electrical system suited for its structure. For this reason, we approach every inspection with the utmost care and attention to detail. We offer various electrical inspection services, including

Residential Electrical Inspection

We offer two primary types of inspections:

1. Complimentary Safety Evaluation for every service call we go to because we want to make sure that the main components in your home are up to code and safe

2. Safety Inspections which are full blown inspections that cover your entire electrical system

Our technicians perform a comprehensive inspection to make sure all components are in good condition. We also ensure all wiring is properly connected and that all components are up-to-date according to local building codes. We investigate any potential fire hazards and make recommendations on how you can make your system safer and more efficient.

Commercial Electrical Inspections

Our Commercial Safety Inspections are similar to our residential inspections as they look over all the key components in the electrical system and ensure that you are up to code and safety standards.

Simply put, you won’t find a better commercial electrical contractor in our area for quality, value, and service.

Since commercial properties undergo routine safety inspections from the city or state, we focus on finding any potential safety or code violations and correct them immediately. We also look for outdated electrical components that can affect the safety of your building.

Why Choose CMC Service Experts​

At CMC Service Experts, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality electrical repair service in North Carolina. You can feel confident that you are getting the most qualified electrical technicians in the business when you hire us.

Electrical Repair Available 24/7

Whether you are a home or business owner, you can’t wait for electrical repair. We offer 24/7 repair to help you at night, on the weekends, or during emergencies. Count on us to be there during those cringe moments when you need an electrical contractor.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

We want you to be 100% satisfied with every aspect of our electrical repair service. For this reason, we offer a lifetime warranty on our electrical products and workmanship, as well as a 100% money-back guarantee. We value your business!

Free Safety Inspection

We Put Safety First! We believe our customer’s electrical safety is of the utmost importance. That is why we provide a FREE safety inspection with every service. We ensure that all electrical products and work performed exceed safety requirements.

Work with Seasoned Experts

CMC Service Experts have decades of combined industry experience. We use our training and experience to provide a positive experience. You benefit from our courteous customer service, timely work, and affordable rates. We put our customers first!

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4 Practical Reasons Electrical Inspections
Are Important

There are several practical reasons you should schedule a routine electrical inspection for your home or business.

1. Electrical Hazards

Electrical current causes expansion and contraction of the conductors or wiring that attaches to devices such as receptacles, switches and light fixtures. This is a natural electrical process but over time this expansion and contraction of the conductors (wires) can cause the terminals of these devices and lights to become loose. When this happens it can cause an arcing effect because of poor quality termination points. This is and can be a major electrical fire hazard and without a routine checkup can be happening and you never know it until its too late.

2. Code Violations

The City of Raleigh and all other cities and towns regularly updates its residential and commercial building codes. As a result, many property owners have no idea that they commit violations with outdated electrical systems. An inspection can identify code violations and prevent you from getting a citation or being shut down. The National Electrical Code issues a new Code Standard every three years. The primary function of this is to ensure that new standards for safety have been addressed as our technology and understanding expands all the time. What was acceptable 3 years ago or 30 is not the same as what the standard is today. Stay on top of your safety with routine inspections.

3. Property Insurance

If you have homeowners’ insurance or liability insurance on your property, the insurer expects you to keep your building safe. If you neglect your wiring system, an insurer may cite the negligence as a reason to deny your claim. An electrical inspection gives you leverage, as you can show that you have been maintaining the electrical system. Don't get an insurance claim denied and have to pay out of pocket for a costly repair or upgrade. With a low cost maintenance plan in place you'll never have to worry about getting denied and getting an unexpected bill.

4. Building Warranty

Your home or business may come with a warranty covering certain components like the electrical system, plumbing, framework, roofing, HVAC, etc. Your warranty may require routine inspections and maintenance on all systems from a licensed electrical contractor in North Carolina. If you neglect the electrical system, you could void the warranty.

Schedule Electrical Inspection in Raleigh, North Carolina

Don’t settle for less when choosing an electrical company. Partner with CMC Service Experts, and you will get the best electricians for any residential and commercial construction job in Raleigh, Clayton, Chapel Hill, Durham, or Fayetteville , and beyond.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Electrical Inspections

Your home’s electrical system is like your car.  If you never get it inspected or maintained you will buy more tires than you should or you will eventually blow your motor because you didnt change your oil.  Your home and business are the same way.  The electrical system is always working and though most people don’t view it this way it’s true!  

Maintenance and regular checkups will prolong the life of your electrical system and all of the attached components like your hvac system, water heater and all of your appliances. You (may – delete this word) also need to schedule an electrical inspection if you notice flickering lights, a burning smell, hot switches, tripping circuit breakers, buzzing sounds, or sparks.

Ideally, you want to schedule an annual inspection. (However, most experts recommend scheduling an inspection every three to five years – delete this sentence)  Our Home Proteciton Plan provides an annual inspection and also gives you discounts on repairs and installations as well as priority service and additional discounts that only our Home Protection Plan Members receive.

If a CMC electrician finds a problem, we will report it to you and make a suggestion on how to fix it. Our inspections are 100% accurate and we never pressure you into making any repairs.  We provide pictures of the issue if it is an inconvenient space like your crawl space or attic or we will show you first hand.  Once we have notified you of the issue we will give you professional advice and options on how to best tackle the problem.

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