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Recent advances in technology allow devices within your home to communicate and sync up with each other to make your life easier. Due to this influx of technology, smart home automation has exploded in popularity among homeowners across the nation.

CMC Service Experts offers complete smart home installation services in Raleigh, North Carolina. With all the available options for smart technology, our certified technicians can design and install a fully automated system for nearly any electronic device, a major in-house system, or appliance in your home.

We can hook up these types of systems to control a variety of electrical devices in your home, including:

Setting up smart home systems can be challenging, especially when working with so many different devices. At CMC Services Experts, we provide trustworthy smart home installation in Raleigh, Clayton, Durham, Fayetteville, and Chapel Hill, regardless of device or make and model. 

We offer exclusive specials on some smart devices, so be sure and check out this month’s deal to see if you could save extra cash. No matter which brand or type of equipment you have, our experienced technicians will help make sure all your systems are installed and working properly and communicating with each other as they should be.

To schedule electrical construction service in Raleigh, North Carolina, fill out our contact form or give us a call. We offer free safety inspections!

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Smart Home Installation Services We Offer in Raleigh

With all the advanced products available today, there are many options for smart home installation. We provide the following smart home setup services.


Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats are Wi-Fi-equipped devices that allow you to fine-tune your home comfort. They automatically adjust cooling and heating temperatures based on your preferences. You can manually control the thermostats or adjust the settings from an app on your smartphone. We can install one or more thermostats anywhere in your home.

Smart Lighting Systems

You can create an entire network of lights throughout your house or designate automated lighting in a single bulb with smart lighting. Smart LED bulbs have built-in software you can control from your app or smart home assistant. You can program lights to operate independently or as part of a lighting system.

Smart Entertainment Systems

Imagine being able to customize your entire entertainment experience in one or more rooms. Smart entertainment systems allow you to manage all media devices, such as TVs and music devices, and your lighting and sound, all from a single app or smart home assistant. You can sync all electronics to create the perfect entertainment environment.

Pool and Spa Systems

A smart pool system allows you to control the pool pump, lights, and other components. You can run the pump 24 hours a day so that the water circulates properly. You benefit from cleaner water and a more consistent temperature. We also offer spa systems that allow you to create a more comfortable and relaxing experience. Spas have automatic lighting that enhances your home while making it energy efficient.

Nest “Hello” Video Doorbell Installation

One of the most popular smart home brands on the market we see a lot lately is the Nest “Hello” video doorbell.

This cool little technological marvel allows you to:

The Nest doorbell is installed and connected directly to your home’s electrical system. If you’ve recently purchased this system or a similar system from another brand, let our team take care of the hard stuff like the set-up and installation.

Most often when you purchase a Nest Doorbell it’s not as easy as just hooking it up to your existing wiring.  The reason why is that the standard wiring for your doorbell is powered by a low voltage transformer that is not large enough to serve the new Nest Doorbell.  Save yourself the hassle and call us today for an easy and proper installation. You can sit back and enjoy the convenience. You can sit back and enjoy the convenience.

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If you’ve got a smart home automation system that needs to be connected to your home’s devices, CMC Services Experts can help. We’ll make sure any equipment is installed properly and safely to avoid any malfunctions or mishaps down the road.

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Do you have an automated spa system you want to be able to control from your smart home’s software? Maybe you’ve always wanted to connect your smart home security system to your mobile device so you can monitor your property while you’re away? 

Whatever the reason for automating your home, let CMC Services Experts take care of the complicated and boring work for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Smart Home Installation

Smart home technology allows you to control all systems, electronics, and appliances from a single app, smart home assistant, or through a single network. In some cases, the systems or electronics work together.

It depends on the type and age of the technology you currently have. The main items you may need to replace are the system controls. For instance, you may need a new thermostat for your HVAC system so that you can control it from an app. Other changes are as simple as changing out some light bulbs, receptacles, or switches.

As a rule, you will want to make sure your Internet devices are secure to protect the smart technology. Smart technology can be secure, but you should never rely on it as a first line of defense. Check with your Internet service provider to explore options for keeping your smart home technology secure.

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