The Dangers of Power Surges

Power surges happen when the electricity coming into your home or office exceeds the threshold of your electrical system. Because devices plugged into your outlets are designed to work within certain voltage ranges, a power surge can risk damaging or destroying them. If your devices are hit with a power surge, the excess power could easily burn them out, rendering them useless.

A power surge can end up costing some serious money. If something like an entertainment center or computer gets hit, you risk losing thousands of dollars of equipment in under a second. This happens when your devices don’t have protection in place against a sudden surge in electricity.

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What Is Whole-Home Surge Protection?

You probably have surge protectors plugged into the walls around your house to keep a power surge from frying your electronic devices. However, these surge protectors are designated for single outlets and are not dependable. A major power surge can shut down a single surge protector and damage your devices.

A whole-home surge protector is the best way to protect all your electronics and appliances from a power surge. A whole-house surge protector diverts power surges as they come into your home’s electrical system. The diversion eliminates the possibility of a surge and protects the entire house, not just one outlet.

Common Causes of Power Surges

Whole-house surge protectors can protect your home from common surges caused by

When most people think of power surges, the image of a thunderstorm overhead comes to mind.

However, several other things can cause a power surge, such as:

Bad or Faulty wiring –

If you live in an older home or if your house doesn’t have good wiring, it can cause a power surge. You can consult with one of our Raleigh electricians to learn if your wiring needs to be repaired or updated.  

Tree Limbs Touching the Power Lines-

When trees grow too large, they risk their branches colliding with power lines and transformers. If you have one or more trees in danger of hitting your power lines, you should arrange to get them trimmed back as soon as possible to avoid a power surge.

Restoration of power after a blackout –

While most people think of lightning strikes and inclement weather causing power surges, most people don’t think of the moment the lights come back on. Because all the power to your home is being restored at once, the rush of electricity can cause a surge.  

How Whole Home Surge Protection Helps Your House

Power surges are unpredictable and uncontrollable. They occur instantly and without warning. Whole-home surge protection guards your house against surges when you least expect them. There are several ways that whole-house surge protection helps your house.


Prevents Appliance Damage

You may be concerned about smaller devices such as phones, computers, video game consoles, or tablets. However, large appliances such as washers, dryers, dishwashers, and refrigerators are also vulnerable to power surges. Whole-house protection can preserve your biggest and most expensive appliances.

Reduces The Risk of Fire

No surge protector can guarantee that it will prevent a fire. However, the chances of an electrical fire caused by a power surge decrease significantly when you install a whole house surge protector. 

Reduces the Risk of Electrocution

You never know when a power surge can strike or what can cause it. For this reason, a power surge can cause electrocution if you are in contact with the electrical system. You can reduce the risk of electrocution and protect your family from a surge when you install whole-house surge protection.

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Protect Your Entire Home against Power Surges

Whole-house surge protection is a great way to ensure that your home’s valuable appliances and equipment are protected from the damaging effects of electrical spikes from the electrical utility provider and lightning strikes. They also provide you with a type of insurance policy so if an appliance is damaged you will be reimbursed for your loss.

However, to have a fully protected system, you must protect all inputs to any appliances or equipment you want to protect. For example, a television plugs into a 120-volt receptacle and has a data input. The 120-volt receptacle and data input must be protected to ensure the equipment is safe and the warranty can be applied.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Whole House Surge Protection

It is impossible to guarantee that a whole-house surge protector will work 100 percent of the time. However, surge protectors work to prevent and mitigate the surges from entering the home or occurring within the home. So, they significantly reduce the chances of a surge damaging your electronics.

One of the primary functions of a surge protector is to regulate the voltage that enters your home constantly from the utility wiring.  The power grid is outdated and produces inconsistent voltage, producing voltage variances that over time will kill your appliances.

On average, a whole-house surge protector lasts three to five years. A quality Whole house Surge Protector has indicator lights and audible alarms that indicate its working condition.

While single-outlet surge protectors are not necessary after installing a whole-house surge protector, it doesn’t hurt to have the added layer of protection. The best method of Surge protection is to have a Whole House Surge Protector and point of use protectors for your more sensitive electronic equipment such as TV’s and computers. 

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