12 Apr 2017

Raleigh Residents: Need a 24/7 Electrician?

Raleigh ElectricianNeeding electrical work is often something that comes as a surprise. Your power suddenly goes out, your DIY home improvement jobs creates a disaster, or you move into your new home and find out your outlets don’t work, and you unexpectedly find yourself searching for a local electrician who can come help fast. Often, though, these surprise needs don’t happen in a neat Monday through Friday, 8 to 5 time frame. They often pop up on weekends or sometimes in the middle of the night, creating inconvenience and discontent for you and your family, especially those with kids or medical needs requiring certain functioning. At CMC Electric, we’ve learned the value of 24/7 electrical assistance, and our fully trained team of electricians is always on-call and ready to go for Raleigh residents in need because we believe true customer service requires nothing less.

See how we can help you below.

Electrical Services from Our Raleigh Team

Our Raleigh team of electricians is second to none, capable of providing a broader range of services than you might realize and doing it all with a high standard of professionalism and care. Our team of experienced technicians are able to provide:

We’ve provided these services to the Raleigh area for years, giving our customers the level of care they deserve regardless of time of day or extent of need. For your convenience, we also offer flexible scheduling to those in Raleigh, as well as the nearby areas of Smithfield, Wake Forest, Durham, Chapel Hill, and Fuquay-Varina. Call us at (919) 246-4798 today, and we’ll happily get your electrical need taken care of quickly and efficiently.

05 Apr 2017

Get to Know Your Wilmington Electricians

If you’ve owned a home or business for a while, you likely have a go-to arsenal, a collection of service providers that you’ve turned to over the years to handle a range of needs around your house or office location. This arsenal typically consists of service technicians like landscapers, painters, handymen, cleaners, construction experts, and more. There’s one kind of technician that’s often forgotten until you’re in a pinch, however, and that’s a local electrician. People tend to not think about electrical service until they need it, and finding it when you need it can be inconvenient and unpleasant. When your power goes out or you need help with installation or remodeling, these aren’t the times to trust the first company that can fit you in. That’s why it’s important to check out your area’s options first, do some research, ask around, and confidently decide on an electrician you’ll know you can rely on when a situation arises.

Electrical Services for Wilmington Residents

Electricians are capable of providing a broader range of services than you may thinks, so give them a test spin on the small stuff when you need it. That way, if a larger issues arises, they’ll already know your home and be on hand to help. Electricians can perform these services and more in and around the Wilmington area:

  • Ceiling fan installation Wilmington Electrician
  • Electrical construction
  • Electrical remodeling
  • Electrical repair
  • Generator installation
  • Landscape lighting
  • Panel upgrades & maintenance
  • Phone, TV, data, & audio wiring
  • Recessed lighting
  • Whole-house surge protection

Why Work with CMC Electric?

Home and business owners obviously want their arsenal of service providers to be trustworthy and reliable. For Wilmington residents, CMC Electric has been the preferred choice for electrical services for years. Our technicians are highly trained and experienced in offering a large variety of electrical services, and we’re fully licensed, bonded, and insured. Our work comes with a lifetime labor warranty, and we offer 24/7 service, so our clients are welcome to call us for fast, accurate service day or night. If you’re in need of electrical work or would like to get to know the CMC team better, feel free to call us at (910) 821-3840. Our coastline service area extends from Shallotte to Wilmington and Jacksonville, NC. We also serve clients as far inland as Rocky Point, NC and every city in between.

28 Mar 2017

Need Electrical Remodeling? Know These 4 Things First.

Electrical Remodeling RaleighEveryone experiences a need for electrical remodeling at some point. Needs change within homes and businesses, and electrical work often has to change as well. Your home or office may need to be updated to comply with electrical codes, outlets may need to be added or moved, expansions and renovations could call for rewiring, or modern appliances may require a different kind of electrical supply. Regardless of the need for electrical remodeling, one thing is for certain: it’s a delicate process that needs to be done right. This project requires a lot of skill and experience to prevent costly, inconvenient, or even dangerous or fatal problems from occurring. It’s essential to be able to trust anyone who touches your electrical wiring to keep you and your home or business safe. Read further to see just how important proficient electrical work is and how CMC Electric can help those in and around the Raleigh, Clayton, and Wilmington areas.

The Importance of Expert Electrical Work

Like it or not, electrical work is not a DIY project. We live in an age of people commonly thinking they’re an expert on subjects they have little experience in, mostly due to the availability of knowledge through online articles and videos providing tutorials on just about everything. This, combined with many homeowners wanting to save money, ends up inspiring people to take repair jobs around the home into their own hands. However, there’s a lot going on behind your home or business’s walls and above the ceiling that you never see. Attempting to enter this world of electrical wiring and manipulate it yourself can result in some pretty unpleasant, even fatal, outcomes.

It’s important you know these things before attempting any electrical remodeling work on your own:

  1. You could cause a fire quickly. It’s no secret that electricity has the very real ability to cause major fires. Electrical fires often begin out of sight, and before you know it, could ravage the structure of your home or office and put you and others in danger very quickly.
  2. Inexperience can be fatal. In the battle of electricity versus humans, electricity will always win if you don’t know how to work with it. Messing with electricity when you don’t have the official knowledge and skill to do so can result in an error that causes electrocution. This could lead to paralysis, loss of nerve or neurological functioning, organ damage, and even death, which is why electricity is nothing to play with.
  3. You might break the law. Every state has building codes and strict specifications and regulations on electrical work. Without detailed knowledge of these codes, you could perform work that renders your home or business not up to code, which could lead to fines or legal issues. That’s why it’s best to leave it to a professional who is required to be up to date on these regulations and knows exactly how to work within them.
  4. It could get expensive. When you don’t full know what you’re doing with electrical wiring, you run the risk of making a mistake that interrupts or shuts down electricity to outlets, whole rooms, or even your entire home. Attempting to fix the mistake can result in more damage and danger, which is why it’s recommended to let an expert handle the job so it’s performed correctly from the start, sparing you the time and money it will cost to fix the damage before the remodeling.

Experience-Backed Electricians

When you need electrical remodeling, call on the pros. Electrical work is no simple project. It requires skill to be done safely and correctly, ensuring you and your home or business get through the remodel without hassle or injury. If you need electrical remodeling in the Raleigh, Clayton, or Wilmington areas, contact CMC Electric. We’ve been a preferred electrician in the area for years thanks to our reliability and reputation of doing the job right the first time. Our team is highly experienced and trained, and we provide firm, upfront cost quotes so you don’t have to worry about surprises later on. We’re backed by lifetime labor warranties, and we’re fully licensed, insured, and bonded.

Contact us today to handle electrical needs for your home or business. We’re happy to help!

13 Mar 2017

Can Installing Recessed Lighting Improve Your Home Value?

Recessed Lighting Raleigh Wilmington ClaytonIn today’s economy, who doesn’t want to get every bit of value out of their home? Property value that leads to a strong return on investment is one of the leading reasons people buy homes instead of rent in the first place. The good news is that you can easily increase the value of your home just by making smart decisions and seeing that they’re carried out properly. Deciding on some simple, strategic upgrades doesn’t have to break the bank. There are many ways to achieve a great return on a modest budget. One thing that can quickly transform a house is lighting, and installing recessed lighting has shown to be a profitable move. Lighting sets a tone for a home, whether potential buyers are conscious of it or not. Many buyers are very aware of it, however, and have preferences before they even enter the home. Recessed lighting is often the preferred choice of home buyers because of its ability to provide great lighting while blending into the ceiling, as opposed to a lighting fixture that may not suit the future owner’s taste. It’s a neutral option, one that’s proven to pay off.

Upgrade with a Recessed Lighting Makeover

Whether you’re trying to make decisions about your new construction that you’ll reap the benefits of later or wanting to remodel your house to get it market ready, installing recessed lighting is a simple, cost-efficient way to makeover a house and give it new life. Recessed lighting is both attractive and functional and comes with several benefits, the main advantages being:

  1. It makes your home appear bigger. Light fixtures that hang below the ceiling obstruct the ceiling’s natural line. To the eye, this makes the room appear broken up and smaller. While recessed lighting doesn’t actually add more square footage to a room, it blends into the ceiling line, making the room appear more spacious and open-concept.
  2. It instantly updates your home. Though recessed lighting isn’t a new trend, it still makes your home look and feel more current. Many styles of lighting fixtures that sit below the ceiling line are commonly considered outdated, a big turn off for potential buyers. Buyers want to feel like a home is move-in ready and not a project that will need renovation as soon as they move in to bring it up to date. Recessed lighting provides a modern yet classic look that isn’t going anywhere any time soon.
  3. It makes your home a lot brighter. With traditional lighting fixtures, you have one or two to a room. This means that lighting is focused in these areas and scatters out to the rest of the room. The problem with this is that you end up with shadows around the room and some areas being brighter than others, but it would look strange to add more light fixtures to help solve the problem. With recessed lighting, you can create a lighting layout that equally covers the entire room without looking odd or overdone. The entire room is equally bathed in warm lighting, creating an atmosphere that’s both lively and well-lit but also subtle and soothing.

Recessed Lighting Professionals

Not all lighting is created equally, and neither are lighting professionals. CMC Electric, however, is the preferred choice for installing recessed lighting in the Raleigh, Clayton, and Wilmington areas. Each one of our electricians is highly experienced and trained. CMC Electric is fully licensed, insured, and bonded, and we offer a lifetime labor warranty for our services. We’re so confident in our capabilities, we provide a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

We’re your local electrician you can trust to get the job done right the first time without the hassle, so if you’re wanting a lighting makeover for your home, just give us a call at one of our locations nearby or request an appointment online. We look forward to serving you!

27 Feb 2017

Benefits of Using a Certified Generac Dealer

The decision to invest in a generator is a smart one, especially in coastal areas where extreme weather can have home and business owners without power for days, even weeks. A generator can be essential in a power outage, so it’s important to make sure it’s installed and serviced correctly. Not doing so can result in a much worse situation when you need back-up power the most. For your generator’s manufacturer’s warranty to remain valid, having it installed and serviced by an authorized dealer is necessary, and you want to go with a reputable company whose knowledge and performance you can count on. With more and more unexpected storms and the increasing demand put on our power supply, power loss is happening more frequently, so choosing a quality generator and installer should be the priority of your investment. As the area’s trusted and certified Generac dealer, we at CMC Electric have the experience and knowledge to give you and your family a reliable back-up plan with a Generac generator.

Here’s what you can expect from a Generac product and our certified service.

What You Get from Generac

It’s no secret that when power goes out, so does everything else. It feels like your home or business completely shuts down, because it does. We’re incredibly reliant on electricity today for things we often take for granted, like heating and cooling, lighting, cooking, doing laundry, bathing, refrigerating our food, and even for powering medical equipment. Choosing a generator that’s extremely reliable for years to come is essential. Generac is the number-one name in home standby power. CMC Electric chose to be a certified Generac dealer because of the company’s innovative features engineered with users in mind. Some of Generac’s benefits include:

  • A generator engine that’s designed to withstand extended run times
  • Being suitable for all-weather enclosures
  • User-friendly controls
  • Fuel options
  • Convenient installation
  • Utility grade power
  • A broad, budget-friendly range of options
  • Ability to customize product to your power needs
  • Remote monitoring

What You Get from Us as A Certified Dealer

With CMC Electric, clients get an on-site consultation and quote before installation begins. We’ll cover with you where to place your generator, what kind you’ll need for your space, and go over what to expect. On installation day, we’ll create a concrete, composite, or gravel pad, then mount the generator and wire it to your home’s electrical system. You’ll be able to choose whether to use LP or natural gas. Before leaving, our factory-trained technicians will simulate a power outage for you and your family so you can learn exactly what to expect and what to do. We’ll answer all your questions and make sure you’re comfortable operating your Generac generator properly.


As a certified Generac dealer, we’ve seen many home and business owners’ success with their generator’s performance. We highly recommend this product and are happy to answer any questions regarding installation and service. If you’re ready to invest in this reliable back-up plan, give CMC Electric a call at (919) 214-9933 or contact us on our website.

20 Feb 2017

Why Use CMC Electric as Your Generator Installer?

Generator InstallationThe extreme weather toward the end of 2016 certainly proved to many along the coast that a solid plan for these emergency situations is necessary. Many were left without power for weeks, resorting to staying in hotels or with family members just to be able to return to normal daily functions like cooking, doing laundry, and refrigerating their food. Coastal areas are particularly vulnerable to these situations, which is why we encourage home and business owners to plan ahead. This peace of mind is invaluable when the unexpected arises. Part of your emergency weather plan should be a reliable generator. A generator will keep your home or business running until power returns or you can make better arrangements. Generators are an investment you’ll rely on for years, so it’s important they’re installed correctly. An emergency isn’t when you want to find out that your back-up plan doesn’t work.

A Trusted Generator Installation Company

At CMC Electric, our team has been installing generators for years, and we know exactly how to get your generator up and running so you can rest easy and be prepared. Why choose CMC Electric to be your generator installer? We’ve got a few reasons.

  • We handle the entire installation from start to finish, and we can typically do it all in one day. We leave no loose ends, and we take care of everything.
  • We use one team, our team, so you don’t have to wait for multiple crews to complete different aspects of the project. This makes CMC both a time and cost-effective choice.
  • We’re a certified Generac service provider.
  • We’ll come to you for an on-site consultation. We’ll go over where you generator should be installed, what generator you should get, and what to expect for the generator installation.
  • We’ll provide a reliable quote before beginning any work.
  • Our team will handle the installation professionally, being mindful of your time, your home, and your questions.
  • We’ll make sure your generator installation was successful before leaving. One of our factory-trained technicians will simulate a power outage to show you and your family exactly what to expect and how to use your generator properly.

Peace of Mind with a Back-Up Generator

We’re happy to be the preferred generator installer of Clayton, Raleigh, and Wilmington. Are you ready to get yourself prepared with the help of a back-up generator? If you wait until you need one, it’s too late. Give yourself and your family peace of mind knowing your home or business will still be able to function when extreme weather strikes. To get started, just give CMC Electric a call at (919) 214-9933 or request a service online.

13 Feb 2017

Top 10 Services from Wilmington, NC’s Trusted Electrician

CMC Electric has proudly served the Wilmington, NC area for years now, and we’re committed to providing the highest quality electrical services to the city’s homes and businesses. Our team is highly trained in a range of electrical services. At CMC Electric, our priority on professionalism sets us apart from many other electricians in the Wilmington, NC area. We remain loyal to our standards, never cutting corners or leaving you with less-than-ideal results. If you’re in need of electrical work, see our top 10 services below.

  1. Ceiling Fan Installation: We’ll make sure your ceiling can properly support your new fan and handle wiring quickly.
  2. Electrical Construction: Our team is experienced in overseeing residential builds to ensure all electrical needs are performed safely and efficiently.
  3. Electrical Repair: Circuit breaker issues? Flickering lights? Appliances not cutting on anymore? We’ll find the source of the problem and remedy it in no time.
  4. Generator Installation: Have peace of mind when those coastal storms come around. As a Wilmington, NC electrician, we know all about the need for reliable generators. We’ll install your generator start to finish with just one team in one day.
  5. Landscape Lighting: Increase your property’s value and ambiance with outdoor lighting. Our team will handle the electrical wiring to ensure your lighting is reliable and properly grounded.
  6. Panel Upgrades & Maintenance: Your circuit breaker is the hub of your home or business’s electricity. If you’re adding new appliances or new rooms to your property, you may need to upgrade your breaker to accommodate your electrical needs. When issues arise, we’ll get to the bottom of them and have your panel working efficiently.
  7. Phones, TV, Data, & Audio Wiring: Not sure how to get these things up and running? No problem. We’re on it.
  8. Recessed Lighting: The look of recessed lighting has made it a popular choice in recent years, but it can seem intimidating to install. We’ll handle the entire installation for you so all you have to do is watch your space transform.
  9. Remodeling: When you’re remodeling a home or business, a lot of thought is required to successfully remodel your electrical systems as well. CMC Electric is experienced in making sure your new electrical needs are met, giving you a guaranteed cost before starting the project.
  10. Whole House Surge Protection: Protect your appliances and your home from unexpected surges due to lightning strikes and provider spikes by having your whole home safeguarded. You’ll be glad you did.


See something we can help you with? We at CMC Electric are ready to solve your electrical needs in and around the Wilmington, NC area. If you need a Wilmington electrician, call us at (910) 821-3840 or contact us on our website today.


07 Feb 2017

Call a Raleigh Electrician for These 4 Jobs

Everyone wants to save money. That’s not uncommon or new. What is new is the amount of people approaching home repairs like do-it-yourself projects due to the availability of online tutorials for just about everything. Tutorials are great for teaching people how to change their own oil, cut their own hair, and get that stain out of the couch. However, home repairs are a different arena. When your home needs electrical work, viewing the job as a common DIY fix isn’t wise. Electrical work isn’t an area to skimp on. For starters, it’s extremely dangerous. You or someone else in your home can experience severe harm if the job goes awry, and you may even cost yourself a great deal of money if you do the job incorrectly. There are some jobs you need to call in a professional for, and these four electrical issues are at the top of the list. If you’re needing one of these four jobs done, call a trusted Raleigh electrician and get it done safely and effectively the first time.

1. Adding Outlets, GFCI Receptacles, & USB Ports

If you find your home needs additional electrical outlets, a trained electrician needs to install these, as it involves cutting into the wall and manipulating the wiring. Electricians can also convert any existing outlets to ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs). GFCIs shut off power if water comes in contact with the electricity or if the electrical load becomes unbalanced. Many older homes lack these, but today, electrical code often requires them in bathrooms and kitchens. This job requires a professional. Improper grounding can lead to a loss of power or a home fire.

2. Outdoor Lights

An electrician is needed for outdoor lighting due to the risk for improper grounding. If you’re wanting to add security or ambient lighting around your home, your electrician can thread wires outdoors if there was not one there before. A professional can also help you choose the right lighting for your outdoor use.

3. Circuit Breakers

Your breaker box is the hub for all electricity in your home. When you add new appliances to your home, and definitely if you’re adding new rooms, the electrical service panels will need to be looked at and likely upgraded to ensure they’re supplying adequate power to all needs. When the circuit breaker can’t accommodate the load, you’ll end up with blown fuses, flickering lights, and unreliable electricity. Updating your panel is a complicated job, and should never be attempted by an amateur.

4. Light Fixtures

Generally, a homeowner could manage this task. However, there are a few situations in which a professional electrician should take over. The first being if you aren’t sure that your current circuit amperage is enough to cover the wattage of your new light. If not, you’ll need a new wire ran from your circuit breaker. If your home is older, be sure that you have high-temperature insulation. A major thing to be certain of is that your ceiling mounting is strong enough to support the new fixture. If you’re not 100% positive on all of these, call an electrician.


Electrical work is a dangerous but necessary job, and it’s one that requires detailed technical knowledge to ensure a safe, accurate result. If you’re in need of any of these four electrical jobs, call CMC Electric at (919) 246-4798 or contact us on our site. We’re a trusted Raleigh electrician backed by years of experience. We handle a wide range of electrical needs quickly, effectively, and professionally.

06 Jan 2017

Why It’s Important to Hire the Right Raleigh Electrician (Even for the “Little” Jobs)

The internet makes researching just about anything possible, inspiring many homeowners to attempt fixing home issues as if they’re simple DIY projects. Maybe you need a light fixture installed or have an outlet on the fritz and find an article online providing step-by-step instructions. Or, maybe you have a family member or friends who’s handy and confident enough to give it a try. Often, people want to feel more responsible and capable of taking care of their own home, so they see it as an opportunity to learn. Not to mention, they see it as a way to save time and money, though many homeowners end up doing the opposite when they try to take electrical work into their own hands and find that it would have been cheaper to enlist a professional from the start. Electrical work is dangerous, a fact a lot of people don’t take seriously. An error can result in costly damage or harm to yourself or others, making it essential to hire a reputable, licensed electrician to handle your electrical needs. It’s important not just to hire any electrician, but to hire the right Raleigh electrician from the beginning.

Here’s why:

It’s Safer

It doesn’t matter how much someone has read about or watched someone do electrical work, and it also doesn’t matter if you’re dealing with a “little” job. There’s no such thing as a little job when it comes to working with electricity because a little can be just as dangerous as a lot. The electrician you hire needs to be fully trained and have legitimate experience doing all kinds of electrical work to ensure your job is done safely. An ill-equipped person can hurt themselves or others, causing serious or even fatal harm, as well as do damage to your home. Your house has a great deal of energy running through it, and issues like faulty wiring can quickly start a fire. Hiring a certified professional gives you peace of mind knowing that the job will be taken care of safely for both your family and your home.

It Guarantees Accuracy

Who doesn’t want to save money and time on home repairs? No one wants to shell out money for added expenses or fit a technician appointment into their busy schedule. However, there’s a big difference between taking it upon yourself to patch a hole in the wall and tampering with your electrical system. In actuality, most people who attempt this work on their own end up costing themselves more time and money because they got halfway through or even finished only to realize they caused a mess. If the work you or an unqualified person does isn’t done correctly, you rack up more time and money hiring a professional to come undo what you did and then do it properly.

It Keeps Things Up to Code

Whether you’re making changes to an existing home or needing work on a new construction, hiring a professional electrician guarantees the electrical work will be done up to code. There are strict codes for electrical wiring and installation at the local, state, and federal levels that a professional will be aware of and comply with. Professionals are also able to pull proper permits and design your electrical wiring and installation around your needs.


Electrical work isn’t a DIY job. It’s a critical aspect of your home that requires serious attention and skill, so it’s necessary to handle an experienced, expertly trained technician. If you’re in need of electrical work in the Raleigh area, CMC Electric is fully licensed, bonded, and insured. Our Raleigh electricians are all fully trained and experienced in a range of electrical work and can handle your electrical needs quickly and efficiently. Contact us by calling (919) 246-4798 for fast, friendly, and qualified work.

06 Jan 2017

How to Avoid Electricity Price Fluctuations

Have you ever noticed how your electricity bills never seem to be consistent month to month? That’s because they’re not. Electricity prices fluctuate minute to minute, literally, and for a number of reasons. Several factors determine the cost of electricity, but the short answer is that overall electricity costs reflect the cost of operating power plants and the electricity grid. Other variables that come into play include fuel costs, demand, Public Service Commission regulations, economic conditions, location, and weather conditions that cause extreme temperatures or damage to power lines, etc. That said, you can see why it’s difficult to get straight answers about what electricity costs and why, as well as why your electricity bill is what it is.

What Can You Do?

Since most of these variables are things that are out of our hands, it can feel like our wallets are at the mercy of factors we have no control over. However, there are a few things home and business owners can do to avoid making the issue worse, most of which revolve around not participating in peak energy-use times. When you join the bandwagon of using high amounts of electricity during high-demand times, you can bet you’ll see it reflected in your bill.

Here are a few ways to avoid getting roped in:

  • Don’t overreact to weather. Many people overheat or overcool their home season to season or during extreme temperature changes. How often have you heard snow was coming and jacked up your thermostat or put your air conditioning on high blast out of frustration in the summer? A lot of people also do this preemptively after hearing reports of weather coming but not yet here. This puts a high demand on your system to drastically change your home’s temperature at a time when many others are likely doing the same.
  • Don’t leave appliances plugged in when they’re not in use. This is a way people fall victim to using energy during peak times when they didn’t even realize they were doing it. Whether you actively meant to use electricity at a high-demand time or not, your appliances are even when you’re not looking. Unplug as many as you can.
  • Do save more electricity-using activities for times of day when less people are using the grid, like at night. Charge your cellphone or run the dishwasher while you sleep.
  • Do look for appliances with energy-saver labels so they can work for instead of against your consumption. If you already have these appliances, make sure the energy-saver switch is turned on.
  • Don’t leave lights on. Many people leave lights on when they leave a room, a lamp on at night, or floodlights on 24/7. Not only is this a waste of energy, it also makes you part of peak times when you didn’t mean to be.


There are many others ways to avoid making fluctuations worse on your monthly electricity costs that you and your family can get creative with. Spend some time thinking about your electricity usage habits and what you can do to cut back and stay informed about fluctuating prices. Doing so helps you feel more in control and less like a victim when you see that bill. For questions or electrical help, get in touch with us at CMC Electric by contacting one of our three locations.