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Electrical Services A full range of residential and commercial electrician capabilities

CMC Electric is your source for all types of electrical work at your home or business. We are proud to serve customers in the Raleigh, Clayton, and Fayetteville, NC areas as the full-service electrician of choice. From minor jobs like outlet repairs or ceiling fan installations to major renovations, additions, and installations, we do it all! Check out the pages below to learn more about our full list of electrician services.

CMC Electric - Electrical Services

Ceiling Fan Installation

On a warm summer afternoon in the Tarheel state, there’s nothing quite like a house full of family, waiting for dinner to be served. Sitting in a rocking chair and drinking a glass…

Keep more of your money by turning off appliances when not in use.

Electrical Repair

Why would you need to make a home electrical repair? Without power, your appliances, radios, televisions, lights, and numerous other things will not work. We have become so dependent…

GENERAC Generator Installation Services

Generator Installation

Install a Backup Generator, Live Worry-Free North Carolina is no stranger to power outages. Hurricane winds and unpredictable stormy weather coming in off the coast makes outages likely,…

Landscape Lighting: Design & Installation Services

Landscape Lighting: Design & Installation

At CMC Electric, we offer a wide array of residential and commercial lighting services, designed to provide customers with the highest quality installation and repair. If you are looking…

CMC Electric - Recessed Lighting

Recessed Lighting

Lighting has seen many trends over the years, and even today we see a variety of styles and arrangements. Lighting has the ability to change a home, for better or worse. The wrong lighting…

Electrical Improvements Help Resale Value | CMC Electric

Outlet Repair Services

Your home or business has thousands of electrical connections in it, and it only takes one bad connection to start a fire.Typically, these connections are found in device boxes including…

Electrical Panel Upgrades & Maintenance

Electrical Panel Upgrades & Maintenance

The circuit breaker panel in your home or business is the heart of your electrical system. Just like with your body, if the heart is not functioning properly, nothing else will work…

CMC Electric - Electrical Services

Phone, TV, Data, & Audio Wiring

Wires running through your living room or bedroom can be such a mess! CMC Electric can clean up the mess by wiring your home or business properly for data, phone, television, and audio…

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The CMC Electric Difference

When it comes to local electricians, you have plenty of choices here in the Raleigh, Clayton, and Fayetteville, NC areas. Why choose CMC Electric? It’s simple: quality work, affordable pricing, and unbeatable service.

Quality Work

All of our friendly electricians are licensed and highly experienced in all types of electrical work. That means we can provide the highest quality work no matter what the job at your home or business.

Clear, Affordable Pricing

The CMC Electric team is happy to take the time needed to explain every aspect of your project’s pricing to you. Even if you know nothing about electrician work, we’ll make sure you understand your costs. But, just because we provide top-quality work and great service doesn’t mean we’ll charge extra! In fact, we offer some of the most affordable rates around for our electrical services.

Unmatched Customer Service

For us, the bottom line is your satisfaction. It’s why we have an unmatched 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If you’re unhappy with any aspect of our work or your experience, we want to know! We’ll do everything possible to make it right. With CMC Electric, you can count on the very best in customer service.