The circuit breaker panel in your home is the heart of your electrical system. If the heart is not functioning properly nothing else will work properly either.  Our electricians have been thoroughly trained at identifying problems with circuit breakers and panels and can take corrective action as needed or full replacement when needed.  

If you had a problem with your heart you would want to make sure that the doctor that is treating you is well qualified. Don't trust just any electrician with the heart of your electrical system. Let the professionals at CMC Electric diagnose and take the best action to bring your home's electrical system up to its peak performance.

Why Choose CMC for Your Electrical Panel Upgrades & Repair?

When working with CMC Electric you can rest assured that you will receive only the highest quality electrical repairs and installation from our electricians. All of our electricians are experienced and highly knowledgeable in all types of electrical work.

  LIFETIME Labor Warranty
  100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
  Experienced & Knowledgeable Electricians
  Licensed, Insured and Bonded