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Smart Home Automation Installation Services

Recent advances in technology are now allowing devices within your home to communicate and sync up with each other to make your life easier. Due to this influx of technology, smart home automation has exploded in popularity amongst homeowners across the nation. These types of systems can be hooked up to control a variety of electrical devices in your home, including:

Pool & Spa Systems

Motion Lighting & Security Systems

Home Theaters & Sound Systems

Thermostats & HVAC Systems

Gaming & Entertainment Systems

Intercoms & Speaker Systems

TVs & Computers

Interior & Exterior Lighting

Setting up smart home systems can be challenging, especially when working with so many different types of devices. That’s why here at CMC Electric we provide trust-worthy smart home automation installation services to our customers regardless of the brand of device or make and model of the system. We offer exclusive specials on smart home installations, so be sure and check out this month’s deal to see if you could save some extra cash. No matter which brand or type of equipment you have, our experienced technicians will help make sure that all of your systems are installed and working properly as well as communicating with each other as they should be.

Nest “Hello” Video Door Bell Installation

One of the most popular smart home brands on the market that we’ve been seeing a lot of lately is the Nest “Hello” video doorbell. This cool little technological marvel not only allows you to see who’s at your front door via your mobile device with its 24/7 video functionality, but it also allows you to implement your own pre-recorded voice responses, recognize friends and family with a special alert, and is installed and connected directly to your home’s electrical system. If you’ve recently purchased this system or a similar system from another brand, let our team take care of the hard stuff like the set-up and installation while you enjoy the comfort of your home.

Smart Home Wiring and Installation Made Easy

If you’ve got a smart home automation system that needs to be connected to any one of your home’s devices, CMC Electric is here to help. We’ll make sure that any equipment is installed properly and safely, to avoid any malfunctions or mishaps down the road. Do you have an automated spa system that you want to be able to control from your smart home’s software? Maybe you’ve always wanted to connect your smart home security system to your mobile device so you can monitor your property while you’re away? Whatever the reason for automating your home, let CMC Electric take care of the boring work for you. Give us a call today at 919.246.4798 to speak with one of our smart home installation experts.