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The Dangers of Power Surges

Power surges happen when the electricity coming into your home or office exceeds the thresholds of your electrical system. Because devices plugged into your outlets are designed to work within certain voltage ranges, a power surge can risk damaging or destroying them. If your devices are hit with a power surge, the excess power could easily burn them out, rendering them useless.

That can end up costing some serious money. If something like an entertainment center or computer gets hit, you risk losing potentially thousands of dollars of equipment in under a second. This happens when your devices don’t have any sort of protection in place against a sudden surge in electricity.

Common Causes of Power Surges

When most people think of power surges, the image of a thunderstorm overhead comes to mind. But there are several other things that can cause a power surge.

Bad or Faulty Wiring

If you live in an older home or if your house doesn’t have good wiring, it can cause a power surge. You can consult with one of our electricians to learn if your wiring needs to be repaired or updated.

Tree Limbs Touching Power Lines

When trees grow too large, they run the risk of their branches colliding with power lines and transformers. If you have one or more trees that are in danger of hitting your power lines, you should arrange to get them trimmed back as soon as possible to avoid a power surge.

Restoration of Power After a Blackout

While most people think of lightning strikes and inclement weather causing power surges, most people don’t think of the moment the lights come back on after a blackout. Because all the power to your home is being restored at once, the rush of electricity can cause a surge.

Protect Your Entire Home Against Power Surges

Whole house surge protection is a great way to ensure that the valuable appliances and equipment in your home are protected from the damaging effects of electrical spikes from the electrical utility provider and from lightning strikes.

However, to have a fully protected system you must protect all inputs to any of the appliances or equipment that you want to be protected.  For an example, a television plugs into a 120 volt receptacle and also has a data input. Both the 120 volt receptacle and data input must be protected in order to ensure that the equipment is properly protected and that the warranty is able to be applied to that specific item.

We can easily accomplish this with a whole house method that is installed at the utility providers point of entrance.  Our electricians can work with any make of surge protection. We are also equipped with whole house surge protection on our vehicles.